The Sock Mini-Trend Happening Now

These socks popped up on my Facebook ad feed several times in the past month:


Image via Anthropologie

I’ve loved fun socks since I was in a uniform-requiring high school that only allowed personal expression via leg- and footwear.

In fact, I had a similar pair to these way back then. The fabric was extremely thin and see-through. They were cute but terrible in the winter.

Where I’ve been seeing these socks crop up lately is as a mini-trend when worn with oxfords, loafers or ankle boots.


I think this works because of how thin the fabric is.

When I was in Las Vegas last weekend, I picked up this pair at Free People:


I was trying to show how sheer they are:


Free People had a lot of similar feminine styles. <— That link is also a good reference if you are interested in ways to style ankle socks or want to try a pair.



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