Hammitt VIP Clutch Review

Hammitt bags popped up on my radar screen a few months ago.

By “radar screen,” I mean my Facebook ad feed, which totally has my number.

They know me so well.

I resisted the urge to buy one online but when I spied Hammitt bags in the window of a store near my house, I made a beeline inside.

Wow. They were nice.

I loved the high quality leather and the contrasting hardware and zippers on some of the designs. Hammitt is based out of Los Angeles and claims that every bag is made to order.

The VIP clutch became the object of my desire.

This gorgeous bag comes in 20 styles and can be worn as a cross body or a clutch. It retails for $250, and so far I haven’t been able to find any deals to get it for less.

I had a hard time deciding which of these picks was my favorite:

hammitt_vip_blkredzip-g_grande 0148_hammitt_vip-glacier-s-r-zip_1-2018x2018_grande 0146_hammitt_vip-galaxy-g_1-2018x2018_grande

In the end, the top one with the red zipper won my heart.

The local business I mentioned ordered it for me. I could have easily done it online, but I decided it was important to support small local businesses instead.

In my head, this was the perfect bag to bring on my upcoming trip to Las Vegas, since I could convert it from day to night.

With more than two weeks to go before the trip, I also thought it would be easy to have the bag in time.

And so I waited.

And waited.

After 10 days, I stopped by the store and oh-so-casually inquired about the bag’s whereabouts. 

Answer: unknown.

Sixteen days. No bag.

As someone spoiled by Amazon Prime, I was getting quite nervous.

Finally, it was the day before the trip. The store would be closing in a few hours. I decided to check one more time.

When I walked in, the clerk was friendly and checked the “special orders” book, which indicated that my order was, in fact, special, and was still open.

Meaning that the bag was not there yet.

I thanked her and turned to go.

A few steps from the door, she called me back.

Wait! A box just came in a few minutes ago. Let me check it!

And voila. There was my beautiful new bag.

I was so happy.

So, how did it perform?

Answer: like a champ.

As I mentioned above, the leather is extremely high quality and I love the bag’s features, which include a red suede interior, heavy magnetic closures on the front flap and a cell phone pocket on the back. The hardware is solid.

img_0952 img_0953

Frankly, this bag is worth more than $250.

On my trip, I wore it almost everywhere, for both day and night. Here is a picture for scale:


It was perfect. 

I am definitely buying more Hammitt bags. This would also be a tremendous gift for yourself or your best friend.













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