Cute Scrubs

This is a very specific fashion-related post, but today I am talking about scrubs.

For the first time in my career, I am buying scrubs.

I’ve been wearing them for nearly 20 years, if you count medical school, residency, fellowship and life beyond training, but I’ve never purchased my own.

Until now.

In most of the places I’ve worked, scrubs were provided. My medical school had flattering light blue ones. Residency and fellowship both weirdly featured an unattractive green hue that was somewhere between Kermit the Frog and mushy peas.

My most recent employer also had blue scrubs, although for the past few years they were stamped with an ugly “Property Of …” running down the leg.

Scrubs are actually quite dangerous to wear at work. While they are mostly comfortable and make A.M. wardrobe decisions a snap, if you need to change scrub sizes – something that doesn’t happen all that often – you’re in trouble. You’ve either gained (or lost, but let’s be honest, for most people it’s a gain) a ton of weight.

A quick look at the scrub options available showed that: 1) scrub technology has come a long way and 2) while not exactly haute couture, some scrubs have become relatively cute.

The first set I ordered was from FIGS.

I loved the waistband on these pants:

w_royal_livingston-pant_front_315a2e92-0121-4281-a085-98a69865c2cc_1024x1024The matching shirt was pretty standard but I really liked this longsleeve underscrub top:


This looks perfect for winter.

The other brand that caught my eye was (embarrassingly enough) Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs.

When I saw the hot pink options, I knew I had a winner.

41435_coralcrush-moonstruck-granite1 4276_coralcrush1

And how about these matching clogs in a candy dot print?

98339_candydot1New lab coats are also on my list. These tailored versions definitely beat the boxy, unisex ones I’ve been subjected to in the past.

This coat has a sleek fit and princess seams:


My dentist was wearing it when I had an appointment earlier this week and it managed to look quite chic. [Sidenote: I love my dentist! She was rocking this coat with glittery J. Crew heels, a massive statement necklace that was also J. Crew, a navy button down and red ankle pants. She has great style].

This coat is particularly awesome, especially the printed cuffs. I saw a favorite colleague wearing it earlier in the week and had to stop her in the hallway to see where she got it. The brand is Koi.


I’m oddly excited about these new options. For the first time, I’m bringing my style to my scrubs!











3 thoughts on “Cute Scrubs

    • Please get at least one with “Fancy Lady Doctor” in some pretty cursive! If you did Fancy-Lady Doctor, would that make you a doctor of fancy ladies? Happy day to you!

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