Things I Want For Christmas

Ok, so I’m riding the fence between the Naughty and Nice Lists this year, like always.

And mostly, I buy myself whatever I want, especially when I find an irresistible deal.

But there are always things I have my eye on.


I still use the same $14 straightener I bought at Target over a decade ago. Considering that I wash my hair less frequently than ever these days (thank you, dry shampoo!), I typically run my straightener through my hair a few times a week, and I could use an upgrade. This set from Sephora would fit the bill. The price is $199, but I have a $20 coupon for Sephora that would bring the tab down.


Once I get something in my head, I tend to perseverate until I get it. Since getting my Hammitt cross body bag, I’ve had the brand on my brain. Their 5 North Wallet appeals due to its modern aesthetic and compact size. My workhorse Marc Jacobs wallet has served me well for several years (and still looks terrific), but its large size and overflowing change compartment make it bulky (and heavy). Hammitt also recently introduced some (overpriced) sandals that are so simple and cool in their design, I can’t stop wanting them. Fortunately, they are sold out or I would be in trouble.


This is sort of embarrassing, because this excellent make-up palette is only available from one place: QVC. I’ve often espoused my love for all things Bobbi Brown, and this palette really is the Holy Grail. It contains concealer, corrector, foundation and powder. I wear every color in the “Sand” palette. This is absolutely perfect for on-the-go beauty, or honestly, just everyday wear. I just wish I could buy it directly from Bobbi, and not from a place that also sells clothes from the Quacker Factory.


Practical and cheap ($2.97), I need a comb to de-pill my sweaters.


Leaving my old job also meant returning my laptop, so I’m in the market for a new one. I will buy this MacBook Pro, but honestly I am going to write it off as a business expense at the beginning of the year, so I probably shouldn’t even include it on this list. However, I am currently feeling the pain of not having a laptop like that of a lost limb. Not being able to online shop while catching up on the Real Housewives of Wherever has been difficult. 


These metallic arc necklaces are cool and well-priced. I can’t decide if I like silver or gold better, but at $35 and $42, respectively, they are cheap enough get both.


This iPhone 6 case is fun and only $24. The one I currently have is falling apart, so this would be a solid improvement.


Daily inspiration from Happiness Guru Gretchen Rubin. And I definitely want (and plan!) to be happier in 2017.

_11405616 screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-7-36-36-am nm9 screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-8-37-40-am screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-8-38-08-am t3 picture4

File all of the shoes under “Completely Superfluous, Impractical Wardrobe Additions.” 



P.S. I would have put this bag on The List, but I found a screaming deal and already got it for a song, thanks to being hooked up by my friend B. Review forthcoming.








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