Guitar Strap Bags

I’m not sure how much staying power this trend will have, but several holiday catalogs featured guitar strap bags.


From the runway


One thing I like is that many bags I already own could be updated and personalized by adding one of these straps since almost any bag with a removable strap will work. Many designers are selling colorful straps on their own for just this purpose.

I saw these at Valentino and Fendi while I was recently shopping in Las Vegas:


Valentino Rockstud Rolling bag (front)



This embroidered Valentino butterfly version is beautiful but pricey, especially when you consider that a bag doesn’t even come with it:


An interesting but similarly priced Fendi strap:



If you’re looking for a more affordable entry to this trend, these Kate Spade sets are fun and include tassels:

_100036371 _100039482


Nordstrom also has a well-priced selection from Rebecca Minkoff and Treasure & Bond:

_12940461 _13334117 _13091558

The three above range between $49 – $95.

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