My Crazy New Glasses

One of the perks of my now former job was a generous reimbursement allowance for medical devices like contacts and eyewear.

Since I recently quit to move on to a new opportunity, I had some money to burn in my account.

I was secretly worried that my eyes were slipping and I needed reading glasses, or even possibly bifocals.

I scheduled an eye appointment.

I discovered that while I am generally aging and yes, my eyes are falling apart, the real problem is my dirty contacts. The eye doctor suggested moving to daily wear lenses and I immediately accepted. No bifocals required. 

I still had some cash left over and perused the eyeglasses section of the clinic.

Honestly, most of the styles were So Not Me.

I chatted with another customer, a cute lady of approximately 80 years with a white perm, while I was trying on a scandalously red pair of specs.

Me: What do you think of these? I like things that are BOLD!

Her: Not me.

I didn’t get the red glasses.

In my head, I wanted a chunky, clear frame. Nothing at the store seemed to fit the bill.

Except these Fendi specs.


I liked the design but the shape was too small. These were 135 mm glasses and I need 140 or 145 mm for my face to look ok since I have a huge head. 

The salesperson sadly reported that this frame did not come in a larger size, but – lo and behold! – it also came as sunglasses, which naturally have larger frames.

They popped the tinted lenses out of a sample pair and I decided on the spot that I had a winner:


I think the sales associates were surprised I bought them. Apparently no one had ever done so. Until now!

I can’t wait to get my funky new frames.


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