Facebook regularly provides me – and everyone else – with flashback posts.

Over the weekend, this one cropped up from my 2011 feed. 

This was pre-blog, so my Facebook update was sort of a mini blog post, definitely more than typical FB standards but not the lengthy missives I regularly publish here.

This is what I wrote back then:

Had off part of work last week and this is what I did:

– Took 4 yo son to see “The Muppets,” which he later declared “stupid” despite  sitting in rapt attention @ seat’s edge during the actual film.

– Ran about 50 miles on treadmill @ the gym while watching movies on my iPad. Not as bad as it sounds.  Clearly, I have been in an extended coma to not have realized this Ryan Gosling guy existed.

– Drank annual Grande, non-fat, extra hot, no whip gingerbread latte. Meh. Not as good as I remembered, but at least this year I didn’t spill most of it on my coat or notice the barista spitting in it for giving that order.

– Went to Old Navy for first time in several years. Left with 2 overflowing bags and then immediately felt guilty because someone, somewhere is being exploited when fleece vests cost $7.

– Sent wedding gift to friend who got married over Labor Day and baby gift to friend who had baby in October. At least these events were both in 2011.

– Spread out all Xmas gifts in dining room for wrapping (not done). Smelled odd odor and discovered dog has been secretly peeing on dining room rug. Do not feel that bad about rug, as it was purchased from a tent sale in the parking lot at the mall.

– Renewed driver’s license at DMV. Their camera did not subtract 5 years or 15  pounds.

– Found an unopened bottle of my favorite wine that was not drinking itself. Rectified situation. Watched a hilarious SNL with Spouse (a ritual now 20+ years old, although in college it was pre-partying) and woke up slightly worse for the wear.  Fortunately, I have experience in this arena and can handle it well.

Sigh. Back to the grind tomorrow.

Minus the interval of five years, I can’t say that anything else has changed.

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