And A Happy New Year!


Welcome, 2017!

I have to start by showing off my awesome Christmas gift from Spouse, which was my own champagne saber engraved with “Fancy Lady Doctor.”

I basically lost my mind when I opened it up.

He also included a bottle of chilled champagne to put it to immediate use. Victory!


Here’s a close up of the saber:


Of course I put it to fine use on New Year’s Eve:


The start of 2017 is finding me loving my new job, househunting and trying to orchestrate the move for the rest of the family – all from the comfort of a hotel room, where I am staying during the week while I work. The current plan is that this will continue until the end of the school year.

The final new thing is that when I left my old job, I had to turn in my laptop, which put a serious cramp into my ability to blog and shop online.

I rectified that situation by buying a new MacBook Pro 13″ laptop, which I absolutely LOVE.  It has so many cool features, like the ability to share photos or images between devices via Air Drop. (Confession: this *may* have been a feature on my old MacBook Air, but if it was there I didn’t use it). And then there is the touch bar at the top of the keyboard, which is dynamic and changes depending on which application you’re using, plus it lets you unlock the computer with your fingerprint.

And of course I needed a (cute) case to protect my new toy. Safety first!


This laptop sleeve is from a current Kate Spade collaboration with Disney featuring accessories with Miss Piggy (!) and Muppet-like monsters. I think it’s adorable.


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