Stitch Fix Review – January 2017

The new year’s off to a good start, especially when I came home to find Stitch Fix #16 waiting for me.


Not my Fix

The above picture is not really related to Stitch Fix, but Trixie insisted on taking it before we opened the box together.


At first I thought Stitch Fix changed their packaging but the gold sticker indicated this was a “Holiday Fix.” They must have had leftover tissue paper from December lying around because this solidly arrived in January.

For Fix #16, I received a sweater, a blouse, a knit top, a bracelet and a pair of ankle length jeans. Typing that sentence made me realize there was a decent variety of wardrobe options in this Fix.

First up: the bracelet.

About ten years ago Spouse and I were in New York City and I saw a similar handmade bracelet at an arty sidewalk sale in SoHo. I didn’t spring for it at the time and regretted it later. I had apparently pinned this bracelet to my Stitch Fix Ideas board (totally forgot), and the notes in the Fix from my stylist said that she was happy to be able to find it for me. I like it, even if I forgot about the pin. The retail was $32.

Next, this sweater caught my attention:


This is a really chunky gray turtleneck tunic. It’s very oversized. I could have easily sized down in this sweater but it’s so cold here right now that all I want is warmth and comfort, so this checks those boxes. And I love gray.

I really liked this blouse:


Here’s a close up of the print:


I’m not sure what these are. Feathers? Dandelions?

I tried to get Trixie (7) to take a picture of me, but that proved to be a fail. Then I tried to take one on my own, which was also a Big Fail.


Mostly I was concentrating on not dropping my phone. This blouse is sort of boxy so I was also focusing on gathering the fabric in the back. This was also largely unsuccessful.

Initially I wasn’t too impressed with these jeans:


It seems like lately I’ve been getting jeans in nearly every Fix, and my jean situation is pretty complete at this point. These were also similar to a pair I received last spring or summer in regards to the cut, wash and length (ankle, my favorite). The major difference with these, though, is that they have much less stretch than the pair I previously received, which is a good thing. My old pair has a great fit for the first few hours but has so much stretch that by the end of the day, I can pull them off without even unzipping. I wore these straight out of the box around my house on Sunday and they were a tad big but overall satisfactory. I’m hoping they’ll shrink in the wash.

The last item was my favorite, this striped red top:


I can’t resist a striped shirt, and red is a color I’ve been digging lately. Here’s another terrible stab at capturing the look:


In the end, my favorite two pieces were the blouse ($68) and the striped tee ($48). Keeping the whole box was $215 (with the discount for buying it all), which was almost exactly $100 more than keeping just the two pieces I loved the most. For roughly $33 each, I thought the bracelet, jeans and sweater were worth it, so I kept the entire box.

This Fix was a win.







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