Just Want/Loving Now

As always, I have many current obsessions. Here are a few.


This tee from my beloved Fellow Flowers was waiting for me when I arrived home on Friday. If you can’t read it clearly:

Na-mess-te. The mess in me honors the mess in you.



On Saturday, my $9-on-sale Lilly Pulitzer planner arrived. It’s even better than I imagined! I’m going to have to spend time this week filling it out. It comes with stickers and dorkily enough, this is one of the features I love the most.

The graphics on the inside are beautiful, too:


Maybe this is the year I finally get organized. Hope springs eternal.

Trixie (7) built a modern Lego house over the weekend, complete with attached Secret Garden-y yard. I found myself wanting to move in:



These Steve Madden boots are currently on mega sale at 6PM.com:


Originally $150, they are now $45. Lately all I’ve been wearing are boots, so these seem like a no brainer to order.

This suede pair of heels is NOT on sale but caught my eye:



This song has been on major repeat lately at Fancy Pants Ranch:


The horn section is awesome.






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