Capsule Wardrobe, Week of January 30th

Ok, this is the first week that living in a hotel felt like it was getting old.

Putting together a weekly capsule wardrobe, however, still feels fun.

I think I hit the nail on the head this week with versatile pieces that can be mixed to create several work and casual looks. I had to extend my week from Sunday – Friday this week, so I had six days to put these items together.

The week’s only halfway over (hello, Hump Day!), but I thought I’d share the packing list and looks.

Unique pieces I brought this week:

  • Red striped long-sleeved tee that I received from a recent Stitch Fix
  • Long-sleeve Gap tee (black) to wear as a base layer (not pictured)
  • Chambray shirt from the Gap
  • Black cowl neck tunic sweater that my Mom sent me for my birthday (similar here)
  • Chunky tan sweater with a swing shape (last season, from Banana Republic)
  • J. Crew Schoolboy blazer (black, similar)
  • Two pants: J. Crew Pixie and a pair of Lole travel tights
  • Two pairs of boots, both black: Chelsea and an old knee-high Born pair
  • Three scarves
  • Assorted jewelry

Not listed are the staples I pack and re-pack (after washing) each week:

  • PJs/socks/undies
  • Thick socks to wear in the hotel
  • A thin Splendid cardigan to wear as a robe if the hotel is drafty
  • Workout clothes and running shoes

Here are the looks. I’m starting out of order, since this was Tuesday:


Failed selfie

Note in background: my clean but otherwise un-incredible room at the Four Points Sheraton

Attempt #2 to show this outfit:


And #3:


Not shown in this pic is the bathroom sink filled with ice to chill some sparkling water:


I finally gave up on the selfies and put the outfit into a flat version:


This is the chambray shirt under the blazer, accessorized with a J. Crew bracelet and necklace, plus an Hermes scarf. I wore this with the Pixie pants and Chelsea boots. I really liked this look and may recycle it again later this week.

Once I decided that the flat outfit pics were the way to go, I snapped shots of everything else this way.

Another look with the blazer. The pants and shoes will be the same as above:



I’m pairing the tunic sweater with the Lole pants and knee-high boots:



This is another contender for recycling with different accessories. The top outfit was Monday and I will probably use the bottom one with the scarf on Friday.

Next is the chunky tan sweater styled two ways. I wore it on Sunday with a long-sleeved tee underneath. I had to work for a few hours and then spent the afternoon shopping.

img_1631 img_1630

A casual look if I decide to go out at night (which I probably won’t, if past experience predicts the future):


I think I could have made at least three more outfits with these pieces. 

The accessories:


The striped scarf is a silky Missoni that my friend L. sent me for my birthday last week. I almost died with happiness when I opened it up since I’ve wanted a Missoni scarf for ages. L. has phenomenal taste.

The red scarf is a cotton one with mini polka dots that I bought in Singapore a few years ago.

The Hermes twilly was an unexpected gift from an attending when I was a resident, one that I have cherished for more than a decade.

The long necklaces are from Julie Vos and Kendra Scott, and the short sparkly necklace and bracelet are J. Crew. The gold stacked bracelet is also from a recent Stitch Fix.

There you have it, at least a week’s worth of outfits with only a few well-selected pieces. 




2 thoughts on “Capsule Wardrobe, Week of January 30th

  1. Creating a versatile – mix and match- wardrobe is something I have NEVER been able to pull off.. 😐..and I’m 54, so not sure this dog can learn a new trick. My mom did just recently give me a big bag of her I am actually having some creative fun ‘tying one on’ every day…(haha) Maybe there is hope after all…

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