ADAY is a new brand specializing in technical clothing for everyday life.

Translation: they sell easy-care wardrobe staples that seem perfect for travel and general comfort.

A lot of their styles are athleisure-y, but a few seem to be able to hold their own for work or elevated-beyond-sweatpants travel looks.

This oversized “Something Borrowed” shirt intrigues me, especially with the long hem in the back. It’s described as breathable, moisture wicking, lightweight and wrinkle free – all highly prized qualities IMHO. It comes in three colors (white, light blue, blush) and is currently available for pre-order ($125).



This bomber jacket ($165) is another new arrival. It comes in black or wine. ADAY describes it as “an easy-to-throw-on little black jacket, designed to move.” I like the cool perforated details down the back.





The “Like a Boss” sweatshirt ($110) comes in navy or white, and is made of a neoprene-like material. The funnel neck and mesh back panel provide interest.




The “Crash Cause” ($75) is a simple top in black or white that appears to be made from the same fabric as the sweatshirt, and it also has a mesh back and a bonus zipper detail.


I wasn’t crazy over any of ADAY’s pants, but I’m including this pair of high-waisted “Brakes On” leggings ($95) because many people will probably like the cell phone pocket:


As I’ve said many times before, leggings are not pants, so these bottoms would be strictly gym – not airplane – material for me.

What do you think of ADAY?







2 thoughts on “ADAY

  1. Intriguing for me, too! But this is the year I get serious about my size, so no clothes shopping for me for a while. Still working my way down the many sizes stocked in my closet. But soon! Also, that looks like burgundy to me, not wine. But Burgundy is a wine, too, I guess. I wish it was a more jewel-toned wine, I think. But should hide spills! Thanks for the post!

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