Shopping at Roe Wolfe

Roe Wolfe is a Minneapolis boutique that’s currently hosting a pop-up shop in a tony mall that is unfortunately close to my new office.

Even though the store isn’t large, it took me ages to browse, because there was a lot of great stuff to explore.

This tee caught my eye on the first pass through the racks:

Umm, yes and yes.

Roe Wolfe also carries many jewelry pieces from local designer Larissa Loden.

This necklace was well-priced ($46) and felt modern enough to take home:

Two other necklaces that I liked but did not buy:

The black chains feel edgy.

The last thing that I bought – unexpectedly – was this DefineMe fragrance in “Payton.” 

This scent is described as “a seductively sexy perfume with bold notes of orange blossom, peach, clove buds + musk.” It reminded me of Jo Malone’s Pomegranate Noir, a fragrance I love. This perfume also comes in the most adorable little bottle with a roll-on applicator:

The small size (9 ml) makes this perfect for travel. “Payton” isn’t the only fragrance from DefineMe; there were five others in the store.

I loved exploring Roe Wolfe. I hope it expands from a pop-up to a permanent tenant in the mall, but then again, maybe my pocketbook thinks otherwise. 😉








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