Lost and Not Found; Weekend Update

Once again, MGM (9) and Trixie (8) were up well before an acceptable hour on Saturday morning, a fact that continues to be an agonizing irony in our world since waking them for a school day is akin to poking two hibernating bears. 

They decided to use their valuable morning time to make a fort:


This involves no fewer than 75% of the pillows in our house and is not going to be fun to clean up at the end of the weekend. They seemed to be happy and occupied while I drank coffee, though, so I let it slide.

On a different note, I was horrified to discover yesterday morning when I woke up in my hotel room that I had lost all of my cosmetics. This is especially painful because – as I’ve posted before – I spent a considerable effort to curate a set of travel cosmetics that worked really well for me, including limited edition mini brushes collated from several different brands.


As I was getting ready for work and couldn’t find my cosmetics bag, I had the following thoughts:

  • Maybe it’s in my suitcase and I just didn’t find it. Commence ripping apart suitcase; do not find bag.
  • Maybe I left it at home. This seemed probable, although it did not solve my impromptu no make-up look problem.
  • Maybe I left it last week at the hotel where I’d stayed. Due to scheduling, favorable weather and kids who seemed extremely lonely, I’ve been home every night this week except Thursday, so while I had my suitcase packed all week and in my car, I hadn’t opened it. This means that the cosmetics bag could have been AWOL since last week and I hadn’t noticed yet.

In the interim, I was stuck without make-up, which shouldn’t really be that big of a deal since I don’t wear a lot, but I still felt a wee bit naked.

I decided to wear my funky glasses, which effectively limits the need for eye make-up, and I subbed a pink lipstick as cream blush. In the end, I probably didn’t look much different than I normally do, which is not saying much regarding my usual look.

A search at home also failed to locate the bag, so it looks like I’m starting over. Fortunately, Bobbi Brown is offering a great deal this weekend where you can create a free five piece mini beauty set (including choices of mascara, lip color, cheek color, eye shadow and makeup remover) with any $100 order. The site is also conveniently featuring a lot of travel minis, so replacing my stash is fairly easy.

Big Sigh for My Life. And Happy Weekend!





ADAY is a new brand specializing in technical clothing for everyday life.

Translation: they sell easy-care wardrobe staples that seem perfect for travel and general comfort.

A lot of their styles are athleisure-y, but a few seem to be able to hold their own for work or elevated-beyond-sweatpants travel looks.

This oversized “Something Borrowed” shirt intrigues me, especially with the long hem in the back. It’s described as breathable, moisture wicking, lightweight and wrinkle free – all highly prized qualities IMHO. It comes in three colors (white, light blue, blush) and is currently available for pre-order ($125).



This bomber jacket ($165) is another new arrival. It comes in black or wine. ADAY describes it as “an easy-to-throw-on little black jacket, designed to move.” I like the cool perforated details down the back.





The “Like a Boss” sweatshirt ($110) comes in navy or white, and is made of a neoprene-like material. The funnel neck and mesh back panel provide interest.




The “Crash Cause” ($75) is a simple top in black or white that appears to be made from the same fabric as the sweatshirt, and it also has a mesh back and a bonus zipper detail.


I wasn’t crazy over any of ADAY’s pants, but I’m including this pair of high-waisted “Brakes On” leggings ($95) because many people will probably like the cell phone pocket:


As I’ve said many times before, leggings are not pants, so these bottoms would be strictly gym – not airplane – material for me.

What do you think of ADAY?







Cute Overload at Target

I had an unexpectedly quiet schedule yesterday and used the time to cross off several errands from my To Do list, including a luxurious, extended Target Run.

Normally I am frantically sweating my way through the aisles, but yesterday I had time to slowly browse through all of the goodness that is Tar-zhay.

One of the first things I tossed into the cart were these sticky notes:


Trixie (8) is going to love these rainbow and unicorn notes. The mini pads can mark things as “Magical,” “Awesome” and “Amazing.”

(I couldn’t find them on the Target site to link; argh).

This Cat and Jack girls’ shirt was also immediately in my cart. The only downside is that it doesn’t come in adult sizes, or Trixie and I could dress as twins.


I’m not exactly sure if this is a planter or a desk accessory, but I’m going to use it to store my fancy pens at work:


And finally, a jar of ponies. Because! A jar of ponies!


Some are even glow-in-the-dark winged unicorns:


Too cute to handle.

P.S. My Target list was only four items long and I left with a $177 tab. Sigh.