Gap Cash Spend

Back to School shopping this year consisted of two parts.

One: Click “Buy Now” on the Target supply list that the kids’ new school conveniently put together.

Seriously, this was the easiest thing ever, and all of our school supplies showed up on our doorstep within 24 hours.

24 hours.

Let that soak in.

Granted, we now live in Minneapolis, the home of Target, but still. That was awesome.

Two: A sub-two hour shopping trip to the Gap store at the Mall of America, where I grabbed a staggering pile of clothes in the correct-ish sizes and hauled both kids to the dressing rooms. If it fit, we bought it. 

The Gap was running one of their endless promotions that weekend, including 40% off marked prices, an extra 10% off for Gap cardholders, and another 10% off for a donation to the Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs of America. In the end, I spent about $300 but walked away with four giant bags of clothes for the kids, enough to outfit both of them for school and beyond.

It was also a weekend to earn Gap Cash, which is basically a coupon for up to 50% off a future purchase. There’s a catch, though: Gap Cash comes in $25 increments and is only usable when you spend double the amount. Example: you need to spend at least $50 to use a $25 credit. If you spend $49.99, you’re out of luck. And if you spend $60, it’s still only $25 off.

I received $125 in Gap Cash and this weekend was the window to spend it.

Spouse is starting a new job this week (much closer to home, so this is a huge relief to shed his current 2 hour daily commute), and he needed some new work appropriate outfits. The first part of shopping was easy, two new pairs of pants and a few work shirts. for him.

But of course I had to look around a bit for myself…

This cold shoulder sweater was the first thing that caught my eye.

Frankly, I thought this trend would be dead by now, but it seems to still have a few last gasps.

I liked this sweater because the cut outs are relatively small (thus limiting the cold factor in the cold shoulder look) and it also incorporates another current trend, bell sleeves.

I ordered black but it also comes in light gray. The black seemed dressier and more evening appropriate. I am hoping to wear this out to dinner or to events this fall (if any of those things ever happen, sigh).

I’ve also fallen really hard for the camo trend this season, to the point that I bought cargo pants, sweatpants and received a Stitch Fix jacket, all in camo.

I may regret this decision, but I also added these to my basket:


Ok, these are definitely NOT meant to be worn together, but independently, I liked them both.

The gray and tan pattern in this tee is just so good.  Talk about a versatile layer.

On the other hand, the printed joggers are just a splurge.

I managed to burn through that Gap Cash and a teeeeeny bit more.




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