A New Gym Hack

Ok, I thought I was a pro at getting ready quickly at the gym , but this new trick has been a game changer.

I previously wrinkled my nose at 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner products, mostly because it seems like something that would not really do a good job at either task.

I recently read about using both of those products in tandem, which is something a bit different.

Basically you wet hair and lather it up with shampoo, focusing on the sweatiest parts at the roots. Once frothed, you add conditioner to the ends, then rinse everything in one fell swoop.

I’ve recently been working out in the morning quite often, necessitating getting ready for work at the gym. I’ve tried this technique about a dozen times over the past few weeks and it works really well. I can still use the products I like – no weird combo brands – but the all-in-one rinse saves at least a minute or two in the shower. When time is of the essence, this hack helps a lot.

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