As a Patient: Before and After

Loss of control. 

Loss of dignity.




Being a patient can be excruciating.

Today it is my turn. 

Last month I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Today I will undergo a bilateral mastectomy and hopefully begin the reconstruction and healing process.

I am not even close to a point of accepting this in a way that I see it as a lesson or gift, but I am here to learn.

What I am also ready to experience as a patient:






If you are the type, I would welcome your best thoughts and prayers. 

P.S. The picture above is one I deliberately took before I learned of my cancer diagnosis. I knew the biopsy results would arrive that day, and I wanted to capture a moment that would embody Before, because I knew if the results came back as malignant, everything would be divided into Before and After. This was Before. Now is After.

5 thoughts on “As a Patient: Before and After

  1. You are amazing and strong and you’ve always been one of the biggest inspirations in my life. You and Tony and the kids are held in the highest love and light from our family to yours. Big dog xoxo

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