329 Days

If you have an Apple Watch, you’re likely familiar with the obsessive act of Closing Your Rings, meaning that you reach specific daily goals for exercise, calories burned and standing.

Your watch will also conveniently chide you if you are falling short. Sample message: “Check your rings. Your movement and activity rings are usually further along by now.”

Or this gem: “You can still do it! A brisk 65 minute walk will close your movement ring.”

In early 2019 I started getting messages that I had set my longest streak for closing all three rings.

Soon I had closed my rings every day for a month. Then two. Then six.

Sometime mid-2019, I decided to Close My Rings every day for a year.

This meant occasionally waking up at 4 or 5 AM to get in a hotel or pre-flight workout while traveling, late night dog walking in the rain, jogging in place for 45 minutes during a blizzard and other absurdities, but I did it.

I closed those rings 329 times, until I had to undergo a six hour surgery last week and all the wheels came off the bus.

Cancer has already taken from me. I will not reach my 365 day goal.

But I will start anew.

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