Two Steps Forward

^^^^ With the Birthday girl, BC (Before Cancer).

Yesterday was not a good day.

After several days of steady progress, yesterday slammed me back to square one.

I woke up with a mild headache, which evolved into a full migraine within two hours. I was so nauseated, dizzy and generally in pain that all I could do was go back to bed for the next seven (!!!) hours, floating uncomfortably in a zone between asleep and awake, but always with pain.

I did not enjoy this.

Although I have some prescription pain pills from my surgery, I am against taking them, as nausea and dizziness – not to mention rebound headaches once they wear off – are potential side effects.

The thing that helped the most: a cold pack to the head.

Yesterday was also Trixie’s 11th birthday and I was determined to participate.

Spouse stepped up and made a birthday cake plus bought sushi (Trixie’s request; I declined) for dinner. I weakly sang my part of “Happy Birthday” and hoped that her memories of this day would focus more on the happy moments than images of her mother horizontal on the sofa with an eye mask and ice pack.

To stack the deck in my favor, I’d wildly overcompensated prior to my surgery and ordered her a Harry Potter LEGO set with over 6000 pieces as a Super Gift. Spouse brought it out last – after all the other packages had been opened and it seemed that it was all said and done – and her joy was palpable. Unexpectedly, MGM also got into the act and the two of them happily started building the set. Given that the instruction manual is 628 pages, they should be occupied for a while.

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