The Hammer Drop(s)

You may think that the when you are first told you have cancer, it would be like being hit over the head with a sledgehammer.

You would be correct.

And also incorrect, because a cancer diagnosis is really more like a series of hammerings.

I discovered a new one yesterday, when I had my initial meeting with the oncologist.

But first, check out these earrings!

(These are from a jewelry designed named Catherine Thoms. I discovered her on the recommendation of another physician and she is on Instagram @catherinethomsjewelry.)

It’s still a challenge to find a top that will accommodate my drains. I picked this faux-fur number and then later regretted it as I sweated in the waiting room.

I also wore my new good luck shoes:

I liked the oncologist right away. She is appropriately confident and knowledgeable in her specialty. We figured out we are nearly the same age.

All good.

Then we talked about my cancer.

While there are a few favorable features (no evidence of cancer left behind or spread to lymph nodes, estrogen and progesterone receptor positive), there are some ugly ones, too.

These are the same things that caused me considerable agony over the past few days: aggressive grade, evidence of lymph-vascular invasion, slim margin for the area of localized cancer.

Long story short: evidence favors that in my case, chemotherapy is warranted.

There are so many details to be resolved. The first is when to start. I am 90% certain that I will start after our family returns from a long-planned spring break trip, This would delay the start by about two weeks. Will this make a difference in my long-term prognosis? I don’t know, but I think the quality of life boost from a vacation might win this battle.

4 thoughts on “The Hammer Drop(s)

  1. First – those earring are the 💣! Next – good for you for taking the vacation with the family. And finally – a 2 week delay will be FINE. And, you will be in a better headspace to start. Thinking of you.

  2. Thanks for the updates. Glad you are in confident and skilled and compassionate hands and wishing for best possible control and fewest side effects possible.

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