Who Owns This Business?

Today is International Women’s Day, but you probably noticed that because it’s all over social media.

I’m here for it.

Empowered women empower women. I wholeheartedly embrace this sentiment.

An anecdote:

Last week I was consulting with a patient and as we were wrapping things up, I asked her if she had any additional questions.

She did.

Who owns this business? Whom are you affiliated with? Which hospital do you work for? Who is your boss?

My answer: I do. I own this business. I am The Boss.

I filled her in: I own this practice with my two partners, one of whom is in the process of retiring. Women own 3/4 of the practice. We have 60 employees, over 90% women. We promote women to leadership positions. We hire and train women. In a former life, I was an employee and now I’m not. I love that. It’s a lot more challenging but at the end of the day, The Buck Stops With Me.

I am here to:

  • Care for Women
  • Educate Women
  • Support Women
  • Advocate for Women
  • Elevate Women

Her response: “Wow. That’s awesome.”

I agree.

Happy International Women’s Day. Together we rise.

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