About Moi

Me = Self-described Fancy Pants. Despite growing up – and currently residing – in the Midwest, my poor subjectivity makes me identify as a glittery urban sophisticate when clearly I am not.

I made a semi-pro career out of being a student, but 11 years of college eventually paid off and I am now a Fancy Lady Doctor at a World Famous Medical Center in Minnesota.

The immediate cast of my thrilling life includes my Ever Patient Spouse, my son (MGM), daughter (Trixie), and an incontinent toy poodle named Frenchie.

In a former life, I spent all of my time drinking coffee with friends, drinking cocktails with friends, or shopping with said friends. In the current iteration, I connect mostly via the Interwebs (Is this thing on?) and hang out at home, punctuating my time outside of work with running, discussing Pop Culture, listening to NPR, and drinking coffee and/or wine. I don’t cook and I hate all domestic chores.

My style icons include Jackie O, any persona ever created by Cindy Sherman, Elton John in the ’70s and Miss Piggy.

 I appreciate irony.

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