About Moi

Me = Self-described Fancy Pants.

I earned the nickname “Fancy Lady Doctor” circa 1999 in medical school, when I made the observation that while most female physicians were confident and smart but practical in their appearance, there were a few who stood out as both intelligent and glamorous.

Wearing heels in the OR has never seemed impractical to me, diamonds are the obvious complement to scrubs, and I immediately knew my aspiration was to be both a Bad Ass Boss Lady Doctor and a Fabulous One.

The Fancy Lady Doctor (FLD) was born. 

This idea caught traction and in the ensuing years I’ve connected with many other FLDs in residency, fellowship and beyond. My old residency program even started giving out a tongue-in-cheek FLD award to the Fanciest chief resident each year.

I am now a Fancy Lady Doctor living and working in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. My specialty is Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility and I help people build the families of their dreams. 

I love this work.

The immediate cast of my thrilling life includes my Ever Patient Spouse, my son (MGM), daughter (Trixie), and sweet yet naughty labradoodle named Penny.

In a former life, I spent all of my time drinking coffee with friends, drinking cocktails with friends, or shopping with said friends. In the current iteration, I connect mostly via social media and hang out at home, punctuating my time outside of work with running, discussing Pop Culture, listening to NPR, and drinking coffee and/or wine. I don’t cook and I hate all domestic chores.

My style icons include Jackie O, any persona ever created by Cindy Sherman, Elton John in the ’70s and Miss Piggy.

I appreciate irony.

2 thoughts on “About Moi

  1. Hi there! I saw your fix #21 – Apricot Mindee floral sweater/top. I was wondering how it fit. I am usually a large and I wondered if it ran small because a lady is selling her XL. I have been searching forever for it but I think XL would be too big.

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