Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

My little daughter, Trixie (5), would love this Unicorn Horn bubble bar from LUSH.

unicorn horn

We haven’t tried them before, but the instructions are to crumble under running water to create a bubbly, fun mess.

At only $7.95, I think this is worth picking up this weekend as I buy gifts for her sixth birthday next week.

I hope our nearby LUSH store has them, because it looks like they’re out of stock online.

Another thing I plan to pick up is Tenzi, a dice game that seems easy to learn and adaptable to multiple players of different ages.


The kids and I are going on a vacation with my sister next week, and this seems like it might be a fun way to spend some down time.

And, since it’s Trixie and I love her in a way that makes my thinking about money even more irrational than the usual state, I predict another painful trip to the American Girl store to spend my hard-earned dollars buying things like a $68 baking set. For dolls.

Art Gallery

Trixie (5) got an American Girl Doll art studio set from Santa, and it was a huge hit.


Photos from American Girl



She was playing “gallery” for a whole afternoon, and I overheard her dramatically channeling her inner artist and saying things like, “Oh, no! Whatever will I do? The gallery opening is tomorrow night!”

Frantic art creation ensued.

One of her finest:


Title: “What Does the Fox Say?” (Price: $8.95)

I predict a bidding war over this piece on opening night.