Quick Review on My December Fabletics Order

Last week I posted about how I broke down and ordered not one, but two, outfits from Fabletics.

They’re here!

Shipping was lighting fast. I think it only took 2-3 days from order to arrival, and that was without any expedited shipping.

I was super happy with my picks. The first outfit had a pair of leggings with a metallic trimmed top.

If you look carefully at the leggings, they have a striated part at the back of the calf. What you can’t see is that they also have a zipper at the bottom and are high waisted. For leggings, these are really high quality. I was excited about these. The shirt is of a more ordinary quality; it’s also slightly cropped but not to the point of being revealing.

The second outfit was another pair of black leggings and a tunic.

Here, the tunic was the star. I’d sized up to get a looser fit and also because my size was not available in this soft pink. This was a risk, but ultimately it was the perfect call. The larger size fit exactly the way I wanted and the color is great. The leggings, on the other hand, are pretty basic.

Something that I’ve noticed about Fabletics: the outfits are typically sold in two (or sometimes three) piece sets, and one piece always seems to be the hero item, whereas the other seems to be of significantly lesser quality. With the above outfits, I’ll probably wear the leggings from #1 with the tunic from #2. I would NOT do the reverse with the cropped tee and the basic black leggings.

Another major reason I bought two outfits this month was for the free gift with purchase, an option to select any of the bags Fabletics had on their website. I chose this one:

Again, this was a pleasant surprise. The nylon fabric is thick and the details are cute. I was going to use this as a gym bag but it is so nice that I am contemplating swapping it out as a work bag.

It’s been a while since I ordered from Fabletics, but this was a success.




ADAY is a new brand specializing in technical clothing for everyday life.

Translation: they sell easy-care wardrobe staples that seem perfect for travel and general comfort.

A lot of their styles are athleisure-y, but a few seem to be able to hold their own for work or elevated-beyond-sweatpants travel looks.

This oversized “Something Borrowed” shirt intrigues me, especially with the long hem in the back. It’s described as breathable, moisture wicking, lightweight and wrinkle free – all highly prized qualities IMHO. It comes in three colors (white, light blue, blush) and is currently available for pre-order ($125).



This bomber jacket ($165) is another new arrival. It comes in black or wine. ADAY describes it as “an easy-to-throw-on little black jacket, designed to move.” I like the cool perforated details down the back.





The “Like a Boss” sweatshirt ($110) comes in navy or white, and is made of a neoprene-like material. The funnel neck and mesh back panel provide interest.




The “Crash Cause” ($75) is a simple top in black or white that appears to be made from the same fabric as the sweatshirt, and it also has a mesh back and a bonus zipper detail.


I wasn’t crazy over any of ADAY’s pants, but I’m including this pair of high-waisted “Brakes On” leggings ($95) because many people will probably like the cell phone pocket:


As I’ve said many times before, leggings are not pants, so these bottoms would be strictly gym – not airplane – material for me.

What do you think of ADAY?