Four Tips for Motivation

There were so many races happening last weekend.

Our city held its 20th annual marathon, plus the town where Spouse and I went to college held similar events.

Since he usually heads back there to run a half-marathon with his buddies, I already knew that the kids and I would be holding down the home fort.

Double whammy: I was also on call, which precluded a solid race plan even back at home.

Sitting on the sidelines, though, gave me an opportunity to plan for what’s next.

I also had time to catch up on back issues of Women’s Running magazine, which is typically a great inspiration for me.

These four motivational tips for reinvigorating your running struck a chord:

  • Sign up for a race
  • Buy new (cute) running clothes
  • Try a new route
  • Make a new running playlist

Any one of these would do the trick for me.

Especially this GapFit neon double pink tank or this one from Athleta:


Love that hot pink!

So Many Irresistible Deals

There are so many great sales going on this weekend.

And of course, since I need absolutely nothing, I must resist. Must. Resist.

Trixie (6), however, could use a few things for summer. After seeing a few outfits exposing a lot of her midriff due to a winter growth spurt, I realized it’s high time to buy some new (longer) shirts.

The Gap is having a great sale this weekend, 40% off regular price styles with code SUMMER. I’m going to order her a few of these everyday dresses, which I know will get a lot of rotation this summer.


Athleta is also running a spend more/save more deal: $25 off $150, $50 off $250 and $150 off $500 with code HEATINGUP.

This one has my name all over it: Splendid has 25% off everything with code PACKSPEND25.

Why not consider this Splendid tote bag?


And you have to act on it today, but Henri Bendel is offering 25% off all jewelry and hair accessories.

Happy Holiday shopping! Bring on summer!

A Few Wants


Seriously, this shirt with a built-in arm pocket that holds your tunes is genius.


So are these cute perforated leather shoes that roll up into a ball for easy toting.


This is the softest, most flattering cardigan available in this fashion genre. Seriously.

While I have gray (one of my favorite colors, despite its complete lack of flattery when on me), this color is giving me serious pause for consideration:


So pretty.


Summer Skirts

These casual summer skirts have really caught my eye lately. They’d be perfect for our upcoming tropical vacation.

These high-low styles are my favorite. Both are from Athleta.

cn7537863 cn7803294

Shorter, but extremely cute, and less than $20 at Old Navy:

cn7355415 cn7477798


A smoking deal from Hive and Honey ($29.97!):



One from my beloved Splendid:


This Vince Camuto version with stripes going two ways is really cool and well-priced:



On sale at the Gap:



Summer, please hurry. Really. Please.  






Style Staples, #1

I own an embarrassing number of striped long-sleeved tees, but I wear them so often that they’re really wardrobe staples.

One of my favorites is an ancient navy and white number that I bought at the Gap at least 16 years ago. I say that because I remember wearing it on our honeymoon to San Francisco and Napa Valley way back then. It’s a little worse for the wear, but I can’t bear to toss it.

Overall I’m a traditionalist. I like a white background with thin black or blue stripes. I’m not a snob, either. Like almost everything, I shop at every price point.

Here’s one of my favorites from Japanese brand Muji, now on sale for only $9.98:

Organic Cotton Crewneck @ Muji

Organic Cotton Crewneck @ Muji

There’s a different price point for this one, but it’s worth the investment. I get a lot of compliments on this unisex Saint James shirt (although once an effusive senior citizen at an airport loved it so much that she declared she was buying the same model, so maybe I’d better rethink this…):

Saint James Unisex Striped Shirt @ J. Crew

Saint James Unisex Striped Shirt @ J. Crew

Here’s a reasonable alternative for less (and it comes in other colors):

French Sailor's Shirt in Cream/Navy @ L.L. Bean

French Sailor’s Shirt in Cream/Navy @ L.L. Bean

This also mostly fits the bill:

Essential Stripe Boatneck T @ Gap

Essential Stripe Boatneck T @ Gap

This doesn’t follow my color rules since the base is light blue (So pretty!), but I picked it up at Madewell last weekend when I was killing time before a hair cut. I know this is going to be in heavy rotation this spring.

SkarGorn #88 Sweatshirt T @ Madewell

SkarGorn #88 Sweatshirt T @ Madewell

The quality of Edith A. Miller knits is incredible. I have a different model than this one (mine has a solid front with blue stripes on one sleeve and red ones on the other, but it’s old so I don’t think it’s available any longer), but the fabric and styling are similar:

Edith A. Miller Striped Boatneck 3/4 Sleeve @ Steven Alan

Edith A. Miller Striped Boatneck 3/4 Sleeve @ Steven Alan

Here’s the idea above in reverse:

Hiv & Honey Mixed Media T @ Piperlime

Hive & Honey Mixed Media T @ Piperlime

And now for a few rule breakers that I just like. 

Pink stripes (although the aqua is equally gorgeous):

Stripe Reverse Terry Pullover @ Gap

Stripe Reverse Terry Pullover @ Gap

Really subtle, sheer stripes:

Tie Dye Dory Top in White @ Athleta

Tie Dye Dory Top in White @ Athleta

Finally, cheeky word stripes:

Pim + Larkin Tres Bien Sweatshirt @ Piperlime

Pim + Larkin Tres Bien Sweatshirt @ Piperlime

Pim + Larkin Ciao Sweater @ Piperlime

Pim + Larkin Ciao Sweater @ Piperlime