Resolutions Confessions/Work in Progress

Yesterday I re-read my Resolutions post from 2014.

On paper, last year was chock full of Self-Improvement Projects.

Some goals became ingrained habits, like drinking more water. I usually hit at least 8 glasses of H2O every day, and I even mostly gave up soda without even trying; it just happened.

(Actually, watching the great documentary “Fed Up” also sent me into a spin over artificial sweeteners and helped the soda-quitting cause quite significantly. You must see this film).

I already exercised a lot and managed to diversify what I do to some extent, mostly by adding in strength and core exercises.

Where I totally fell down, though, was in my Big Plan to Stop Online Shopping.

I did really, really well in January.

The first part of February was also perfect.

And then in the last week of February 2014, I was on a trip to Orlando and went to the Splendid store at the Mall of Millenia (a great mall, BTW).

After falling in love with the brand, I discovered that had some serious deals on Splendid.

I am talking half off or more.

There were a few items I was pining for, and I knew I wouldn’t be anywhere near a Splendid store any time soon.

That’s when I caved and clicked the “Order Now” button.

Resolutions Verdict: Total Fail before March 1.

The rest of the year was downhill from there.


My closet clean-outs in November and on January 1st helped emphasize that I still own too much stuff and I realized that in particular, the stuff I order online often doesn’t fit quite right (not so bad that I send it back, but not perfectly tailored) and is less appealing in person than what is professionally photographed on a 19-year-old model in a catalog (go figure).

Since I am striving to Live Authentically in 2015, I am not going to put another unrealistic ban on my online shopping habits (although Spouse would probably weep in happiness if this came true), but I intend to Get a Grip.

Wish me luck.












Healing Knots

One of my favorite activities from my spa trip last week was bracelet making class.

So, yes, this place is basically camp for adults. 

Oh! And I didn’t mention yet that when I walked in the door, the first two people I saw were two women I met last year during my camp week. My new friends L., B., and I already made a plan for a repeat visit same time, same place next year. It was fun to pal around with them.

The idea behind the bracelet class was to make a piece of jewelry to wear with intention. 

It’s purposefully simple and rustic.

Healing Knots was started by a woman who made the bracelet as a way to heal from her brother’s death. (Full story here).

You can make the bracelet for any reason, but some people make them to celebrate a milestone, mark the weeks of pregnancy (40 beads, one for each week), to heal from a divorce/death/break-up, or to signify a goal. In the last case, you are supposed to wear the bracelet until you reach the goal, then give it away.

Another rule is that any time you meet someone who seems to need the bracelet more than you do, you need to give it away.

I decided to make my bracelet with beads in natural colors, except for one.

The lone bead is bright yellow, which symbolizes being authentic, which is a word I would use to describe myself and a way I try to live my life.

Here’s how it turned out:



My intention for 2015 is to live authentically. This is a reminder.

P.S. Here are two snaps of my own tiny spa garden, complete with fountain. It was heaven.

IMG_5768 IMG_5780