Here We Go Again

School starts today…

Which meant that yesterday involved a frantic scramble to organize the massive pile of school supplies that the kids and I threw into an overflowing cart at Target last weekend.


What $330 looks like

Our kids’ school pools supplies, so all of the crayons, markers, etc. go into a communal stash. This takes some of the pressure off of deciding which cartoon character notebook gets purchased, but still. Last weekend in the school supply section of Target, the struggle was real. At least three moms made a dive for the lone yellow plastic folder at the end of the aisle. It wasn’t pretty.

At the end of last year, I also basically gave up on preparing the kids’ lunches.

Forget this:


I could barely muster up this:


This year I’m determined to do better and I’m referencing this list of school lunch ideas from

At least for the first week of classes…


First day from three years ago. They were so tiny! Sniff.





New School Year

MGM (7) and Trixie (5) started school two weeks ago, in second grade and kindergarten, respectively.

How is it going?

I’ll let you decide.

Getting the children up in the  morning has roughly been the equivalent of poking two bears and waking them from a deep hibernation. 

We probably should have practiced ahead of time, particularly since our summer babysitter warned us that they had routinely been sleeping until 9 or 10 AM. [Sidenote: why doesn’t this ever occur on the weekends?]

MGM also got an unexpected day off of school on Tuesday when he started vomiting shortly after drop off. Spouse was fortunately able to pick him up and watch him at home.

He didn’t seem that much worse for the wear, as he was bouncing on the sofa when I got home from work, ate two grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner, and then requested to watch multiple episodes of “Scooby Doo.”

The following day I received this email from the school principal:

I just wanted to share with you that MGM has spent most of the morning with me. He has refused to do any work today and is very concerned that he has bad breath and it smells like yesterday’s barf. I’ve given him a breath mint and tried talking with him multiple times, but he is still refusing to go back to class to learn.

Do you have any suggestions as he seems very distracted about his breath (even wants to go to the dentist to have them fix it) and just wants to go home to play on the iPad and go to school online.  


I instructed the principal to make the day as boring as possible, warn MGM that there would be no iPad forthcoming, and advise him that online school is not a viable option for a second grader. I didn’t think the situation warranted an emergent dental appointment, either.

This could be a long year.