Cocktail Menu

I rarely drink cocktails, but I’m intrigued by the whole artisanal cocktail culture.

Unfortunately, though, I often can’t think of a single thing to order if I’m somewhere cocktails are being served.

This is actually harder than it sounds, as your drink of choice says something about you, and I feel compelled to strike a balance between lame (Red Bull and vodka) and douche-y (ironically, also Red Bull and vodka, although small-batch vodka with hand carved ice).

Entertaining at home is also a stressor: what to serve? We don’t have any liquor at our house right now, so even setting up a basic bar would require an investment.

Yesterday I had a long wait by myself before lunch, and I snapped a few pics from the restaurant’s bar menu in case I ever felt inspired.

This banana martini is a liquid dessert. Yum.

ayimage image  image image

Here’s lunch when it finally came:


NYE ’14

After years of staying home on New Year’s Eve, this year we got a great invitation from my friends J. and B.two sisters-in-law who are totally fun – to spend the evening with them and their respective spouses.

J. and B. have an in at a local restaurant and secured one of the hottest tables in town for an NYE blow out.

And they invited us to join them.

My initial reaction: Yes! Yes! Yes!

And then I remembered the children.

Miracle of miracles, we locked in a babysitter (I will pay her handsomely, I swear) and we’re planning to celebrate in style.

Even though this year is a departure from our usual pre-11 PM turn in, I loved these tips for hosting a New Year’s Eve party from Parade magazine.

  • Dress up! Even in your own home. Festive dress, is, well, festive. It sets the mood for a fun night.
  • Make champagne cocktails. How about a Kir Royale? Champagne plus creme de cassis is pretty delicious. A classic champagne cocktail is also delicious; add a bitters-dipped sugar cube to champagne for a cool effect. Big impact!
  • Serve impressive, retro appetizers. Shrimp cocktail. Crab dip. Caviar.
  • Stream Frank Sinatra.

And my favorite tip: send guests home with hangover kits containing ibuprofen, eye masks, coconut water and lip balm.

Personally, I would add Cheetos to that kit.

Or do what my parents always did when I was a kid: serve up a huge 3 AM breakfast feast for revelers still in play. 

Happy 2015!





Dizzy Water

Last weekend, my darling friend W. and I went out to dinner at this place, and yes, the cocktails were insane.


Welcome, Dizzy Water.


  • 1 part Limoncello
  • 2 parts ginger beer
  • Add ice

Garnish with this. 

Seriously, these Luxardo cherries are out of this world.

No more than that.

The bartender told me that the cherries are $100 wholesale in the size they order and they have to be hidden from staff.


P.S. Find them here.




Summer Refresher

We’re back from vacation!

No major drama, either, so that’s a good thing.

While I otherwise missed out on opportunities to consume fruity umbrella drinks, I did have a small digestif that I think is going to be my new go-to when hosting summer meals.

The drink itself is simple: use a melon baller to place 1-2 small scoops of sorbet into a champagne glass and top with bubbly.

I had a lemon sorbet/champagne combo, but I can already imagine that mango, raspberry or even something more exotic would also be delicious.

Serve it with a tiny spoon in case guests want a a nibble of the sorbet before it totally melts.