Swim Meet

Trixie (5) was in her first swim meet last night.

It took some coaxing, but she was up for it in the end and was so excited to participate.

All day, I was waiting to be able to see her swim in five different races. I could hardly wait.

Except … being a doctor stepped in. Like it almost always does.

Although I am not a particularly spiritual person, I pray that someday my own children will have the compassion and forgiveness to understand that I was a fallible parent and that many times, circumstances out of my control intervened and I could not be where my heart was.

Her first event came and went.

Her second event came and went.

Her third event came and went.

Her fourth event came and went.

Her fifth event approached.

There was no sixth event.

But I made it! I got to see her swim. Race #5 was excellent.

photo-99 photo-98


She placed sixth (out of six), but she was so proud. Go, Trixie!

She even got a medal:


We celebrated with hot chocolate.

Happy weekend to all!