Cosmetics Edit – Old Friends

Yesterday I posted about my closet edit, creating a summer tee and tank capsule wardrobe.

Since I’ve been in a shop-my-own-closet mindset, I next turned my attention to my huge collection of beauty freebies and pilfered hotel toiletries.


So, yeah, I never met a tiny shampoo that I didn’t like.

I’ve been steadily using up all of my stash, and in the process I re-discovered some old favorites.

Mini shower gels are probably my most-hoarded products, and this Red Flower Ocean Purifying Body Wash is fabulous but nearly unicorn-difficult to come by.

Fortunately, H20 Plus’ Sea Salt Body Wash is similar enough, and -score! – it’s copiously available on Disney Cruises, where I’ve managed to acquire a formidable stash.



Lately I’ve also been loving this Revision Intellishade Matte SPF45 tinted moisturizer.


I was lucky enough to recently get several small samples, and I’m hooked. Seriously, this stuff is great. The high SPF is a huge bonus, too. I’m halfway through my samples and torn between ordering a full-sized tube and keeping the samples for travel or just carrying on with the shop-my-closet program and using up the minis.

Two re-discovered (unexpired) lipsticks also are getting heavy rotation. The first is Dubai by Susan Posnick and the second is Blue Raspberry by Bobbi Brown. These are both perfect neutrals.

DubaiSmall bluerasp

The last re-discovered gem is this One Love Organics Neroli Body Serum.


The citrus-y scent is nice for summer and the texture provides sheen.

Overall, shopping my closet has been a fun experiment and using-rather-than-losing-out feels satisfying.




The Return of Fluffy Bunny

Last December I discovered FarmHouse Fresh products when I went on a solo trip to my favorite destination spa.

The products have witty names like Front Porch Punch soap.

But there was one scent that kept me coming back for another sniff: Fluffy Bunny.

Unknown Unknown-1

Although not this type of bunny, but OMG, I just want to squeeze these bunnies.

This is it:


This shea butter hand cream has a smell that’s hard to define. I’d describe it as candy-like. The website calls it a blend of mint julep and lavender. Either way, it’s sweet and appealing.

I bought a tube in December, but it mysteriously vanished in January.

The kids continued to deny knowledge of its whereabouts and I searched everywhere I could think of to no avail. Old gym bag? No. Rarely used carry-on? No. Office? No.

Since these products are in limited distribution, I resigned myself to either ordering up a new tube or waiting for a return to the spa next year.

Imagine my happiness when I found FarmHouse Fresh products at the boutique of the hotel where I was staying for my conference in San Antonio last week.

They even had Fluffy Bunny hand cream.

I bought two tubes this time, though, just in case.





Limited Edition – Bobbi Brown Girl Rising

I’ve been posting a lot of Bobbi Brown lately, but that’s because she keeps bringing out great new products.

This is right up my alley:


All images from Bobbi Brown’s website


This is the limited edition Pretty Powerful Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks.

From the website:

Pretty with a purpose—introducing Bobbi’s best-selling, multi-tasking lip and cheek formula in limited edition Pretty Powerful Pink. As part of our Pretty Powerful Campaign, we’ll donate 100% of the $27 purchase price to the Girl Rising Fund.

Girl Rising is a campaign to help educate girls around the world and break the cycle of poverty. Have you seen their moving documentary?

Also new from Bobbi Brown are these pretty Cheek Palettes in Pink, Calypso and Berry.

bb_prod_ecrm02_290x315_0 bb_prod_ecrm01_290x315_0 bb_prod_ecrm03_290x315_0


It’s hard to decide which one is the prettiest.

Each contains a neutral shade, a bright and a sparkly highlighter.

These make me wish for spring!

Natural Cosmetics

Last week during my delicious spa escape, I got introduced to Susan Posnick cosmetics, an all-natural mineral line.

I’ve tried a few mineral-based make-up brands in the past with mixed results.

Some of the brands seemed to be cakey and unappealingly unnatural.

But in the end, I just love something new.

The first thing I tried from Susan Posnick was a dual ended pencil that was both a concealer and a brightener.


The pencil was really creamy and didn’t drag at all across thin undereye skin.


Next up: bronzer and foundation with buildable coverage, plus a neutral pencil with eyeshadow on one side and eyeliner on the other.


The eyeshadow/liner duo has a subtle gold eye shade with hazel liner. Gorgeous!

The lipsticks were real stand outs, with all-natural ingredients and nice flavor.

I got three:

IMG_5788 FullSizeRender

From left to right, they are “Dubai,” “LA” and “Shanghai.”

The most satisfying part is that they have a magnetic closure. Snap, snap, snap. Love.

One thing I noticed is that these products don’t seem to last all day and need reapplication, but I can live with that for a nontoxic trade-off.

P.S. There was a holiday gift with purchase of free shimmer powder and an adorable, tiny brush. Yay! I thought this was super pretty and sent it to my BFF as a fun surprise.














Charlotte Tilbury Cosmetics

Lately I’ve just felt like I want to throw out all of my cosmetics and start fresh.

Here’s why:


This jumble represents most of what I currently own, but there’s another drawer full of random freebies, missteps and cast-offs that I can’t bear to show.

I grabbed an old lipstick last week and had it on before I realized it smelled bad. Further inspection determined that it was probably waaaay past its expiration date. Ick.

BTW, here’s how you know how long something is good after it’s opened. The first one is 12 months and the second is 24.


I think the lipstick I was referring to above was from approximately 1998. Double eww.

Right now I have my eye on the new cosmetics line from British make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury. 

While I love the idea of having just a few, perfect items, I am perpetually attracted to the next new thing, particularly when there is some faint promise (wishful thinking?) of gorgeousness in the deal.

Here’s what captured my attention.


This pretty lipstick is called “Bitch Perfect.” “Coachella Coral” also received high praise for flattering many different complexions.


Lipgloss! I can’t get enough, which is one of my many problems. This is “Portobello Girl.”


The blush has two colors, the outer for the cheekbones and the center for a pop of color. It’s appropriately titled Cheek to Chic Swish and Pop blush. This color is “Love is the Drug.”


Emerald eyeshadow pencil.


Skin perfecting powder, which I find myself increasingly attracted to given my advancing age. Sigh.


And if you really want to start from scratch, you can get a curated look all at once. 

10 Thoughts

I was originally going to post this on January 1, but the resolutions post seemed more pressing. So today’s the day.

Disclaimer: This list of 10 Thoughts is directly from Bobbi Brown, not me. It was printed on a card in the packaging from something I bought from BB and saved because I liked it.

  1. Spread beauty.
  2. Do what you love.
  3. Love what you do.
  4. Keep it simple.
  5. Laugh out loud.
  6. Go with the flow.
  7. Be real.
  8. Focus on the positive.
  9. Do your best.
  10. Just breathe.