One More Thing, #26


Here’s another great story from “The Dinner Party Download” last week, celebrating the glamorous Jet Set age of airline travel.

“Jet Set: The People, The Planes, The Glamour and the Romance in Aviation’s Glory Years,” a new book by William Stadiem, describes the arc from luxury travel in the 1950s and 60s to the cattle car conditions of today.


While I’m definitely considering this for my next in flight reading material, it may prove to be too depressing as I munch my tiny bag of pretzels back in coach.





I laughed out loud last week when I heard this story about hanger on “The Dinner Party Download.”

Not familiar?

“Hanger” is a portmanteau describing the intersection of “hunger” and “anger,” a horrible state with which I am occasionally – and scarily – afflicted.

Seriously, do not get between me and my sandwich.


 Here’s a great article that explains it all.

And this: