A Few Striped Dresses

Yesterday I posted about my disappointment with Stitch Fix #7, where I’d specifically asked for clothes for an upcoming trip to Alaska.

The Fix just really missed the mark, and ultimately everything got sent back before I could chicken out, change my mind and buy something I didn’t really need/want/like.

To be fair I already have more than my share of winter-y clothes that would be right at home in Alaska, with the possible exception of things to wear to dinner, especially on the more formal nights.

Yesterday I also opined that I would have loved to have received a cold weather dress in the Fix.

The one that I had in mind was this striped number from Hanna Andersson:



Check out the cute back zipper:


I envision this styled exactly as above: funky glasses, boots, dress.

The main thing I worry about with this brand – known mostly for its kids’ clothing – is that the dress is just too mom-ish (read: frumpy) in real life.

Boden has a cute contender, also featuring exposed zippers:


It comes in a few striped choices, but I like the solid black the best:


Again, the Frump Factor is hard to discern online.

This Maison Jules dress is currently on super sale, but it’s probably not realistic for cold nights given the sleeveless style:



While not striped, this Madewell dark blue dress seems to get what I’m going for:


Here’s what it looks like on the model:











Twirl Dress

Hands down, the fashion statement of the summer around here was this dress, worn ceaselessly by Trixie:



The picture above is a stock photo, but here are a few shots of Trixie wearing it – variously – as a museum dress, a hiking dress, a princess-meeting dress, and a dinner dress. There seems to be no occasion that would be inappropriate for wearing it.

photo-56 copy IMG_9403 photo-57 photo-55 copy

The primary attraction seems to be the major twirl factor, owing to its chiffon skirt overlay.

I’ve been wrestling it away from her once or twice a week to wash it, and overall, it’s held up well.

I originially ordered the dress from CWD Kids, but then I discovered that the brand – Bonnie Jean – is available in many styles from several other retailers.

In a major shopping score, I discovered that Dillard’s has many other Bonnie Jean dresses on final clearance, with some equally twirly ones as low as $10. 

I scooped up several other styles, including a back-up of this beloved 2014 staple.

Twirl on, Trixie. Twirl on. 


Wedding Season

I don’t get invited to many weddings these days, mostly because we’re in a weird stage where a lot of people we know are already long-married (or no longer married), their kids aren’t old enough yet to take the plunge, and even most of our neighbors, coworkers, etc. skew to a similar demographic, meaning that they’re not getting hitched any time soon, either.

Once upon a time, though, we were in full wedding bloom. One summer alone, Spouse and I were in a total of six weddings between the two of us and invited to even more. So we’ve definitely made the rounds and danced to “YMCA” enough for a lifetime.

The only wedding I’ve got on the horizon this summer is my dear, dear friend MA’s nuptials, set for next month in the Rocky Mountains. I can’t wait!

There was a great article in this month’s Glamour about wedding dos and don’ts.

My favorite tip, which was meant for the bride and groom:

Make sure to have at least one crazy drunk uncle on the dance floor, since an ironclad rule of weddings is that nobody ever notices or remembers the second-drunkest person.

Thank you to Drunk Uncles everywhere for allowing me to cut loose on the dance floor.

I also loved how they styled this pretty dress three ways for a beach, city or country wedding.