In preparation for our upcoming beach vacation, I decided to get fake eyelashes.

And yes, I understand that this is the least obvious prerequisite one would need for this type of journey.

But hear me out: what’s easier than no makeup at all when you’re on vacation?

Universal truth: most people still want to look decent at the pool or in the surf (hence swimsuit shopping angst), but an elaborate smoky eye just doesn’t hit the right note.

My awesome stylist S. recently started doing eyelash extensions and asked if I was game. Was I? Did she have to ask?

The process took almost two hours, during which I fell asleep once and listened to a podcast of “This American Life.”

Overall, it was quite a relaxing Saturday morning. Individual lashes were carefully glued into place. Expected duration is about 3 weeks, at which point I’ll need a re-fill.

A real view, right here (no makeup at all!):



Yes, it’s a weird little splurge and I probably won’t keep it up forever, but like many things, it’s fun while it lasts.