Clue 2017

IMG_2341 2

Trixie recently discovered the classic boardgame Clue.

You know, the murder mystery game where Colonel Mustard did it with the knife in the Conservatory.

We uprooted my family’s 1970s version (complete with wooden game pieces and at least three characters who appear to be smoking) at my mom’s lake house a few weekends ago, and she quickly became enamored.

So much so that she made her own version:

IMG_2338 2

There were a few liberties taken with the rooms:


And the characters:

IMG_2344 2

Besides Mr. Col. Musterd (sic), there was also Mrs. Musterd, Mr. Salad, Mr. Elevator, and Mrs. Peacock. Of course that temptress Miss Scarlet was also represented.

Some of the weapons were redundant, considering “gun” and “revolver” both made the cut:


We had a lot of fun playing a few rounds of this version, but in the end we decided to splurge and buy our own 2017 model for the low price of $9 at Target.

Now we can ask Whodunnit every night!


Geo Quiz

Lately MGM (6) has really been into geography.

While this is NOT a shared interest of mine, I want to encourage him.

And let’s be honest; I feel better about him playing a geography game than “Star Wars Angry Birds” for the eighty zillionth time.

Mother of the Year comes through again!

“Stack the Countries” is a quiz app that we downloaded to my iPad. Here’s a screen shot:


We also spent part of last Saturday putting together this world puzzle from Geo Toys.


This was educational and a lot of fun.

Here’s an action shot and the final product (which Trixie destroyed less than five minutes later. The puzzle-completing satisfaction was fleeting).

photo 1-4 photo 2-3