Girlfriend Collective Leggings Review

After an ad for free leggings popped up on my Facebook feed multiple times, I became curious.

Girlfriend Collective’s offer promises that these ecofriendly, ethically produced leggings will become your favorites.

To prove that, they’ve been offering them for “free.” I put that in quotes because you *do* have to pay for shipping, which is approximately $20 and charged upfront.

I ordered my leggings about six weeks ago and got them last week. They arrived in an oversized shipping envelope. There were two thick tags attached.



The fabric is reportedly made from recycled plastic bottles, and it’s incredibly soft. These are also high-rise leggings with a smooth waistband, which makes them ideal for squishing away any signs of muffin top.


Wide waistband

They’re really thick and opaque, which of course is critical for avoiding the dreaded Lululemon see-through effect. The seams are also flat and not itchy in the least.

The fit is tight and would be good for working out, although I don’t think these would be ideal for long runs. For one thing, they don’t have any pockets and the compression-style is flattering but may not be the most comfortable – or breathable – at mile 22.

Where I do think these would shine is for travel.

To be clear, though, leggings are not pants.

Let me repeat: leggings are not pants.

I see this terrible fashion faux pas ALL THE TIME and it still makes me crazy. These are high quality leggings, but you still should wear them  as a layer and keep your assets covered. I digress.

I think they would be perfect and highly versatile for multiple travel looks, including layered with a tunic and boots or worn under a dress, especially to keep warm in winter travel. Since these are quick-dry, they’d also be good to multitask in gym workouts and wash in the hotel sink.

I mostly failed in my attempt to show how they look:


Yes, I am standing on a tulip chair.

Yes, there is also an American Girl doll highchair attached to our table.

Yes, I am terrible at taking mirror selfies.

No, I would absolutely not wear this outfit in public.

Overall, I think these leggings are a steal at $20. Girlfriend Collective’s site says that they eventually will retail for about $70. Would I pay $70? Honestly, probably not, but I think if I could snag another pair at $20 I would jump at the chance.









Stuff That Popped Up On My Facebook Feed

Oh, Facebook, you know me so well.

Algorithmically, I seem to fit the demographic of someone who likes to drink wine (check) and shop online (CHECK!).

And sometimes I do both at the same time.

Here are a few companies that popped into my Facebook feed that intrigued me:


The Girlfriend Collective started showing up last spring. Much has been written about this startup that is giving away free (supposedly) high-quality, ethically-made leggings for the price of shipping and handling ($20). Ok, I bit, but my leggings don’t arrive until October so I will review them then.


This Hammitt cross-body bag is on my holiday wish list. I love the red zipper. This style is called the VIP clutch and comes in twenty color combos. Want.


The premise behind Sudara is one I can totally support: female employees are human-trafficking survivors who are given job training and employment. Read the story here. Sudara’s most popular products are lounge pants called Punjammies, although they have other cute leisure styles. I have a pair of capri Punjammies and an elephant tee that have both seen a lot of wear in the past six months.


Speaking of elephants, Ivory Ella is a mostly-tees company (and they are cuuuute) where 100% of net profits reportedly go to support the Elephant Crisis Fund. Again, I can get behind that. I might order some for holiday gifts, although I haven’t purchased anything yet.


Adorn Jewelry Designs is a local (Midwest) purveyor of handmade jewelry. My feed showed me a picture of this metallic stone arc necklace and I’ve been thinking about it a lot. It looks like it would go with everything and at $35, the price point is terrific. Adorn’s Etsy shop also features cute earrings, including an adorable horseshoe pair.

I am such an easy mark.