Goop Perfume

So, Gwyneth Paltrow now makes perfume.

I think I’ve overall been very gracious with my opinion of GP, who I still admire as a tastemaker and style icon.

Where she completely loses me is with her crazy ideas about steaming your vagina, among other quackery. To this, the gynecologist in me cannot abide.

But I still get her weekly Goop e-newsletter, which is usually clicked right to the trash but caught my eye this time.

Introducing Goop fragrance:


From the website:

We’ve crafted a sophisticated and sexy fragrance that’s non-toxic—made with natural essences to entrance, heal, and transform.

Here’s a description of the scent:

A perfume of cypress smoke, snow, sensual quiet.

What? Sensual quiet? That is just so odd.

A small vial of the perfume oil is $165 and the candles are $72.

Warning: these fragrances also claim to be Edition 01, which implies we will be subjected to more in the future.

Please let me know if you try these! I’m going to pass for now.


Beauty Tips from Goop

Ok, another shameful confession: I really like Gwyneth Paltrow’s much-maligned website, Goop.

Even worse: Recently I received a monogrammed Clare Vivier (now branded Clare V.) pouch from Goop’s retail section.

It was exquisitely packaged and included a “Thank you” card with helpful makeup tips printed on the back.

Two caught my attention:

  • Avoid using any powder under the eye area as this is incredibly aging.
  • Swap your black mascara for a dark brown as it’s softer, warmer and more forgiving.

The rest aren’t worth posting, but these two really speak to issues that are becoming of increasing concern in my life.