I was so crazy busy these past two weeks that I didn’t get a chance to update the blog. Argh.

In between two work trips, I was running around like mad but I kept my eyes open to new little things over which to obsess.

Last weekend I admired this Tess and Tricia necklace my hair stylist was wearing:


 This jewelry is hand-made in the Twin Cities and features naturally shed antlers. Very boho chic and well-priced, too! I am waffling between a necklace with seed bead embellishment, one with a tiny tassel and one that has a gold ombre pattern. Decisions, decisions.

My first Graze box also showed up this week!

new1 new2

The snacks were chili and lime pistachios, raspberry and coconut muffin trail mix, pecan pie trail mix and dried cherries and berries.

I wasn’t totally prepared for how small the snacks would be; they are approximately the size of a deck of cards. The truth is that they are appropriately sized for a snack, but I would normally dive headfirst into a giant bag of M&Ms, so this is an adjustment for moi.


C. Wonder is showing a lot of cute polka dot items for fall:

 cw1 cw3 cwf2

Trixie held her own dance party last weekend, complete with a costume consisting of a dress, a winter hat and a fuzzy scarf that looks like it’s made of Muppet fur:


That girl looooves to dance.

Happy weekend!




Subscription Boxes

Well, I just discovered a new addiction.

One of my coworkers recently had two boxes of interesting snacks on her desk and informed me that they were from subscription delivery services.

I’ve seen this idea around for a while, but I’ve never bitten. Yet.


  • I love to shop
  • I love surprises
  • I love presents
  • I love to get packages
  • I am a sucker for so many things, so why not these?

 A quick perusal of My Subscription Addiction (yes! This is a real site) showed that there are subscription boxes for just about anything: vegan snacks, whole meals, artisinal chocolates, retro candy, socks, craft kits, entire outfits, cosmetics, etc, etc, etc.

 These caught my eye:

  • Graze.  This is a healthy snack site. You choose the snacks you want delivered and how often. This is one of the boxes my coworker had, and I have to admit, the snacks look good. She gets one box per week. The portions are small (Ok, they are appropriately sized for a snack but I could eat all four at once). This is also an inexpensive site since each box is about $5.
  • Nourish Snacks. This is another healthy snack site. For $12.50 per week, you get five healthy snacks, each less than 200 calories.
  • POP Sugar Must Have. it’s hard to describe this box, but it’s full of random trendy items like candles, jewelry, books, home decor, fashion accessories and cosmetics. It’s $39.95 a month, with a discount if you pre-order several boxes at a time.
  • Birchbox. This is one of the original companies in this area. For $10 a month, you get deluxe beauty samples.
  • New Beauty Test Tube. This is another cosmetic/skin care sampler, but it focuses on anti-aging products. Which, sadly, I really need.

 I think I’m going to sign up for Graze, POP Sugar and New Beauty, at least to give them a whirl.