Purely Elizabeth

Last year on a trip to NYC, I discovered Purely Elizabeth, a company that makes a small line of gluten-free foods. I ordered some granola on the spot and also re-ordered a few times to also get chocolate chip cookie mixes, etc. The good news is that my local food co-op now carries the granola, so I can get a fix whenever I want.

One unexpected bonus is that Purely Elizabeth has a great quarterly online magazine that you can download for free. The newest edition, Purely Winter, can be accessed here.

Purely Winter contains some great information about healthy living and wellness, all in a visually pleasing style. Highlights from this edition include recipes for simple (Ding! Ding! We have a winner!) gluten-free peanut butter cup cookies, an apple cider cocktail, kale and artichoke dip (yum), plus entertaining ideas for both a Valentine’s Day brunch and a tapas party.

Get reading! And please invite me over if you make any of the recipes.

Supreme Fruit

Have you ever had perfectly sliced citrus fruits at a restaurant? 

The way they are transformed from mangled, crushed sections (a.k.a. my usual preparation) to gorgeous perfection is with a technique known as supreming.

Here’s the desired result:


Here’s how to do it yourself:

Full disclosure: I’ve met myself, and I will never do this. But a girl can dream!