Holiday Prep – Part 1

Let’s face it: We will forever be the family buying the sad Charlie Brown tree on December 23rd, but this year I’m trying.

Winter comes early here and lasts forever, so I wanted something pieces that could bridge November to March, not just the unofficial holiday season.

I went with two themes: cozy and buffalo plaid.

I share this perfectly imperfect shot to showcase the overall effect, but wow! Painful reality. Two kids and a dog seem to continuously rearrange my pillow fort, push apart the sofa sections and make the blinds quite janky.

These cuties are from Crate and Barrel:

The plaid pillow covers are straight off of Amazon. I slipped them over pillows we already had.

Ditto the plaid throw; it’s Amazon:

We have six fireplaces but I don’t decorate all of them. Here’s the start of the mantle in the main floor family room:

Please excuse the tape. This was a trial. That failed. Re-taping subsequently commenced.

I found these two cute garlands at Michael’s, a craft store that overwhelms me and I try to avoid. There was some weird promotion going on and they gave me the nutcracker for free at the checkout.

The candle is from Crate and Barrel and smells wonderfully like winter. I bought several to (hopefully) last until spring.

The last thing I did, for now:

I bought two faux boxwood wreaths at Target last year and I swap out the bows depending on the season. For someone who is generally lazy, this has been a great decorating hack.

But I’m not done! There is more coming. Will keep posting the updates.

Tory Burch Holiday Outfit Ideas

Once again, I have zero holiday party invitations, at least for now.

But a girl can dream, right?

These picks are from Tory Burch.

First up, this metallic pink tunic is awesome but will remain a fantasy piece for my wardrobe, given that it’s $495, I don’t have anywhere to wear it, and I would probably spill cocktail sauce on it within five minutes of entering said imaginary party.


I’d keep the pants and jewelry simple with this wild of a top, but I’d still go big on the shoes:


Realistically, this dress is a little more my speed:

t4These would round out the look:

t6 t1 t3

Now I just wish I had somewhere fun to go.