Kate Spade Hostess Gifts

These would all be fun hostess gifts for upcoming holiday events, all from Kate Spade.

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The bottle totes would be a really special way to transport holiday spirits, and the placemats made me smile. The pink one says “Eat cake for breakfast,” which I heartily endorse.

The placements are on sale for $12 through today at Neiman Marcus.


Witty Hostess Gift

This pie plate would make a witty Thanksgiving hostess gift:


In case you can’t tell, there’s a quarter designated for “Me” and another as “Breakfast.”

The remaining half is split for 6 Guests.


True confession: I actually don’t like pie. It’s probably my least favorite dessert, and one that’s easy for me to resist.

Turns out, I’m not alone. This essay from Slate about why pie is really not that great hit home with me.




Seriously, Papabubble hard candies are so far above and beyond the decades-old butterscotch candies that my grandma kept in a jar when I was a kid that it’s not even fair to discuss them in the same sentence.

Look how gorgeous they are:

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Each one is a tiny work of art.

Here’s a well-done video showing how the candy is made:

And another interviewing the NYC owner.

Tip: These make the best hostess gift. They taste great, they’re fun to eat, they’re fun to look at and talk about, and the whole family will love them.

Unlike these: 



Apologies to grandmas everywhere.  






Jam Spoons

What a weird thing, but I seem to have acquired a mini collection of jam spoons.

And we don’t even eat much jam!


But these would make great hostess gifts, if coupled with artisanal jam and an awesome loaf of bread:


Above is from Alessi. I paid $7 at a local store. So cute!

Ok, this one I gave to my mother-in -law with fancy jam but also kept one for myself:


Also good for dips or salsa, as it can rest on the side of the jar:


Not pricey and elevates ice cream:


This is from Etsy and I don’t have it, but I want it: