Dollar Coins

My kids are fascinated by dollar coins.

dollar coin

A few months ago, MGM (6) was going on and on about wanting a dollar coin, and oddly enough, one day he found one – the exact item he was wishing for – in the schoolyard.

How random is that?

They also each received three of them in their Easter baskets (thanks, Grandma!), but they’ve proven hard to contain. Both MGM and Trixie (5) have hidden them in so many secret spots that when it comes time to spend them, they’ll be impossible to track down.

Did you hear the bizarre story from a few years ago where people were using credit cards to order dollar coins from the U.S. Mint, get them shipped for free, and then pay off their credit cards with the same coins in order to get frequent flier miles? One person bought nearly $700k worth of dollar coins! (FYI, the U.S. Mint has now cracked down on this scam).

Strange world.