Kate Spade Charm Bar

I fell in love with the new Kate Spade Charm Bar.

Here’s a sampler:

charm1 charm2 charm3 charm4charm6

These charms are adorable and well-priced, ranging from $18-32.

The glittery champagne bottle and the  funky eyeglasses are my favorites.

I already have a fun costume charm bracelet from Juicy Couture that I could add to, but this KS collection also has a large link bracelet, a small link one and a charm necklace.


Large link bracelet, only $38!










This would be a perfect Valentine’s Day gift.







Rhinestone Necklace

Two weekends ago, I was shopping at J. Crew and saw one of the employees wearing this rhinestone necklace:



A closer look:


It looked really cool and was honestly not too overdone for work or daytime wear.

This Swarovski beauty is currently full retail at $165 (and backordered until April).


Here are a couple of alternatives:

_9793962 _9810429

Both of these are Kate Spade, but obviously two different colors. I’m thinking I like the silver better, which is great because it’s on sale right now at Nordstrom for $66, versus $98 for the gold version.

Another from J. Crew:


Less sparkly, but I still like these two clear stone necklaces (Bauble Bar and Kate Spade – currently 1/3 off, respectively):

11907_02 _9696594


What would you choose? I think it may be possible to layer one of the clear stone necklaces with one of the rhinestone ones, too.



Kate Spade: Places to Go, People to See

I forgot to put this coffee table book on my Christmas list, but I still want it.


“Kate Spade New York: Places to go, people to see” is so charming.

The photos are beautiful and transport you to a place/time of elegant travel.


“Things we love” was an earlier book (2013) that’s still fresh and another pretty escape.

Happy travels.

Party Shoes

Let me be upfront about this: I don’t have anywhere to wear any of these shoes. 

And even if I did, once I arrived I can guarantee there would be a 99% chance that I would be required to remove my fancy shoes and leave them in a damp pile near the front door.

But that doesn’t stop a girl from dreaming.

Here are some lust-worthy holiday party shoes.

First up, Sam Edelman beaded pumps and flats, both from Nordstrom:

_9318435 _9317475


Ivanka Trump bow flats:


Glittery Kate Spade heels:

2925112-p-MULTIVIEW 2735003-p-MULTIVIEW


British brand L.K. Bennett:

Kareena Suede Block Heel Court

And my ultimate dream, these rainbow (!!!) Valentino 1973 Rockstud heels:


These just scream Fabulous New Year’s Eve Party in Palm Springs. I wish!



Kate Spade Hostess Gifts

These would all be fun hostess gifts for upcoming holiday events, all from Kate Spade.

ks2 KS1 KS3

The bottle totes would be a really special way to transport holiday spirits, and the placemats made me smile. The pink one says “Eat cake for breakfast,” which I heartily endorse.

The placements are on sale for $12 through today at Neiman Marcus.



This upcoming weekend, we’re planning an overnight trip for the four of us.

I’ve posted about carry on bags before (and mentioned my ongoing obsession with luggage), but for quick jaunts a duffel will often suffice.

This bag is my go-to for one or two night stays:


The Longchamp Le Pliage bag is unstructured but sturdy. It holds a lot. I first saw an incredibly chic passenger with a well-worn Le Pliage on the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard a decade ago. I still wonder where she was heading and what glamorous events her weekend entailed. I had to have one for myself! Alas, the Gatsby-esque lifestyle did not come with it.

A huge bonus is that this bag folds and neatly snaps together, so if you’re on a longer trip and planning to pick up a thing or two, you can stow it away until needed as an extra bag for the journey home. This is a good investment.

This special edition 2014 collab had me at rainbow:


I love, love, love that it looks like a 1970s TV test pattern.

If I’m going somewhere upscale and there is essentially a zero percent chance that my bag will either be checked (and manhandled by the luggage carousel) or out of my sight, this is my companion:


I love that mine has my initials stamped on the luggage tag.

Here’s a cheery bag from Kate Spade Saturday that I got for free as part of a promotion with Bliss Spa last year:


Not only is this bag cute, but there’s a separate compartment on the bottom for shoes and other stinkables. Check out the Saturday website where you can design a custom version of your own.

Here’s one with a similar feel that I’ve seen around and really like. I don’t have it, but it matches my personal aesthetic. The $120 price tag is also very appealing:


I recently was chatting with a fellow traveler at an airport and admired his suede duffel. This Everlane bag is similar:


Last but not least, here’s a fun Orla Kiely weekender that would be perfect for spring:


One More Thing, #17

Last week I posted about striped shirts and included these two with writing on them:

Pim + Larkin Tres Bien Sweatshirt @ Piperlime

Pim + Larkin Tres Bien Sweatshirt @ Piperlime

Pim + Larkin Ciao Sweater @ Piperlime

Pim + Larkin Ciao Sweater @ Piperlime

And this sweatshirt from Madewell:


But now it’s official: Shirts with foreign phrases seem to be ubiquitous for spring.

Some from Piperlime:

Jetaime youandme bienvenue boheme

Kate Spade’s new additions:

je ne sais quoi Mon amour

Even socks are getting into the act:

ooh la la

Ooh la la.

Valentine’s Gifts

When I was a kid, my mom always gave me a small gift on Valentine’s Day. Sometimes it was candy, maybe a small stuffed bear, and once there was even a red sweater. It wasn’t big, it wasn’t necessary, but it was nice.

As an adult, I’m not crazy over Valentine’s Day. In fact, I usually barely remember and find myself selecting a card for Ever Patient Spouse from a picked-over rack at the grocery store (“To a Special Dog Walker.”)

But as a consummate shopper and gifter, I am susceptible to sweet ideas like these, if you are so inclined:


  • Cristal. Rappers love it for a reason. It’s delicious. Don’t knock it until you’ve tasted this splurge-y champagne.



  • The title of this clever book by Leanne Shapton is a mouthful: Important Artifacts and Personal Property from the Collection of Lenore Doolan and Harold Morris, Including Books, Street Fashion, and Jewelry. It’s a love story from start to end presented as an auction catalog. Beyond original. 

Unknown images





Order now and you’ll look like a star when February 14th rolls around.


Crossbody Bags

Two weeks ago when I went to California to run in a half-marathon, I spent a day at Disneyland*** and found myself wishing I had a crossbody bag to hold my stuff and keep me hands-free when I tooled about the park.

Had I been better prepared, I may have selected one of these:

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs

Clare Vivier

Clare Vivier

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs



Kate Spade

Kate Spade

Kate Spade

Kate Spade

This one’s too glam for a day at the amusement park, but it’s still pretty awesome:



Finally, here are my two favorites. The leather one is more laid-back whereas the nylon one basically will inspire envy in the other moms checking each other out while waiting in line for two hours to ride on “It’s a Small World.”





*** Yes. I went to Disneyland alone. My kids were at home with Spouse. Awful. I know. One of my good friends found this situation to be incredibly weird. I didn’t! I was killing time before the race. And FYI, you can get on just about any ride with barely a wait when you’re a single rider, not to mention being able to freely people watch and walk about the park without stopping every ten paces to buy a souvenir or take one of a zillion potty breaks. I recommend it. But note: It’s much easier to go to Disneyland solo as a Midwestern-y adult single female, than, say, a mustachioed middle-aged man with a windowless van.