Firewood Candles

Last year I developed a strong interest in campfire-scented candles. 


Why? Not sure. My tastes changed, I guess.

I used to skew toward fruity, tropical scents but now with fall firmly in the air (and my tropical travels over for the year), these masculine varietals feel cozy and right.

Here are four winners:


Autumn Noir from Henri Bendel. HB also makes a candle called “Firewood,” but I like this one better. It brings in the campfire scent but also is reminiscent of leaves and fall spices. This is burning in my house as I type this. (“Holiday” is another great seasonal scent from HB and comes in a gorgeous gold glass container).


Feu de Bois from Diptyque. French. Expensive. Tres chic.



Ski House from LAFCO. My gateway firewood candle and still #1 in my mind.

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Woodfire candles from Illume. These candles are part of a seasonal collection from Illume and come in a variety of vessels, sizes and price points. The scents are the same for the two above but the presentation is obviously different. I love the idea of pairing these with a box of oversized faux bois matches (also Illume). This is my favorite new find and one I will definitely be giving for the holidays this year.

A New Love

I’ve espoused my love of Henri Bendel candles several times already, and it almost feels like adultery to admit there’s a New Sheriff in Town.


While I’ve seen these Lafco New York candles around for a while, their exorbitant price tag (even by my twisted standards) kept me away.

Until… I recently stayed at a spa whose boutique carried the whole line and I found myself going back again and again to catch a whiff of my favorites.

The gist of Lafco is that there is a perfectly scented candle for every room in the house, provided that your home features a library, sitting room, sun room and boudoir, among other locales.

An offshoot line devotes a candle for every type of house, including Tree House, Penthouse and my current crush, Ski House.


Feu de Bois Ski House Candle

This is a complex, woodsy scent that is just like the best memory of sitting around a cozy fire during a ski weekend with all of your friends. It’s heaven.