Retro A-Frame Dollhouse

I spent countless hours playing with this Fisher Price dollhouse as a kid:


Not only did I imagine living a fancy life in an A-frame house, but I also really wanted to sleep in bunk beds.

And use a ladder.

Looking now, this play set channels Aspen in the ’70s. Minus the piles of cocaine.

Land of Nod just introduced this retro dollhouse that obviously gives a wink to the one above:

The furniture is killing me!

Can you see the macramé wall hanging?

The people who reside in this house are also totally awesome:


Fruit hair! I love it.

I may need to make this set mine.


Back To School Shopping

About two weeks ago, I panicked and realized I had no clue when school started for the kids. Turns out, it’s next week.

MGM (7) is going into second grade and Trixie (5) starts kindergarten this year.

Clothes shopping is relatively easy since they wear uniforms (one order placed, check!), but we’ve only got a few days to get the rest of the gear together.

They both have a list of required supplies, but I’d like to throw in a few fun things, too.

These adorable backpacks are from Land of Nod:

teachers-pet-backpack-elephant teachers-pet-backpack-lion teachers-pet-backpack-bunny


I also discovered this really cool site called Poppin that sells a variety of colorful school and office supplies:

Utility-Set%2C-Pink-%2B-Lime-Green-c Orange%20%2B%20Pink%20Orange%20Medium%20Soft%20Cover%20Notebook%20%2B%20Pink%20Signature%20Ballpoint%20Pens-c BTS_Bundle_Flying_Colors_One_Subject_Dotwhack_c crayons.2.3.2_c

This big pebble eraser comes in a several colors. I would have loved this as a kid!


Target is now carrying a line of school supplies called Yoobi that donates extra school supplies to kids in need with each purchase. I like this idea a lot!



You can organize it all in these cubbies from Land of Nod:


Finally, these scented markers were #1 on my wish list as a kid.





Indoor Camping

While I would never consider real camping (The dirt! The bugs! The pitifully low thread counts of the linens!), MGM (6) and I spent a considerable amount of time checking out these kids’ indoor tents at The Land of Nod.

indoor-explorer-pup-tents-multi-stripe no-place-like-play-home-rocket-ship

And now for the Cadillac of play tents:


Which would be great with this sleeping bag:


P.S. This stuffed pig from Land of Nod is killing me. Adorable!


P.P.S. They also have the most charming blog.