Madewell et Sezane Capsule Collection

Madewell just released a capsule collection in partnership with indie label Sezane, and it is oh-so-French-y.

Here are some screen shots of the merchandise:


My favorites are this striped “Moi avec Toi” tee:

sezane6This mini skirt:

sezane4A blouse with gold buttons at the shoulders:

sezane5And these boots:

sezane7This collection makes me want to book a flight to Paris.

A Few Striped Dresses

Yesterday I posted about my disappointment with Stitch Fix #7, where I’d specifically asked for clothes for an upcoming trip to Alaska.

The Fix just really missed the mark, and ultimately everything got sent back before I could chicken out, change my mind and buy something I didn’t really need/want/like.

To be fair I already have more than my share of winter-y clothes that would be right at home in Alaska, with the possible exception of things to wear to dinner, especially on the more formal nights.

Yesterday I also opined that I would have loved to have received a cold weather dress in the Fix.

The one that I had in mind was this striped number from Hanna Andersson:



Check out the cute back zipper:


I envision this styled exactly as above: funky glasses, boots, dress.

The main thing I worry about with this brand – known mostly for its kids’ clothing – is that the dress is just too mom-ish (read: frumpy) in real life.

Boden has a cute contender, also featuring exposed zippers:


It comes in a few striped choices, but I like the solid black the best:


Again, the Frump Factor is hard to discern online.

This Maison Jules dress is currently on super sale, but it’s probably not realistic for cold nights given the sleeveless style:



While not striped, this Madewell dark blue dress seems to get what I’m going for:


Here’s what it looks like on the model:











Madewell Sale

Oh, these Black Friday deals are making me crazy!

Must resist. Must. Resist.

One quick note: Madewell’s deals start now with 25% off using code GIFTON.

The shoes alone are making me swoon.

madewell3 madewell1 madewell2

But there’s a ton of other stuff to love:

madewell7 madewell4 madewell6 madewell5

The main problem is that I want most of these gifts for myself.




Oversized White Shirt

The oversized white shirt is showing up a lot lately.

J. Crew styled it four ways for the transition from summer to fall.



This is the “Endless” shirt. 

J. Crew Factory is doing an popover chambray version:


Two from Madewell:

07373_WT0103_m A5435_NA5803_m

A wrinkle-free one:



This look totally channels “Pulp Fiction” to me.


And that’s not a bad thing.



How to Dress Young

While I want to be stylish, I have to admit it’s also time to look age-appropriate.

The good thing about being 41: I can actually buy the real designer stuff that 20-somethings can only dream about via knockoffs from Uniqlo or Forever 21.

The bad part of being 41: Do I even have to say it?

This should be self-explanatory. I. Am. 41.

Don’t rub it in.

I recently ran across some good tips on what to wear to look young, and they are worth repeating.

Rag & Bone Newbury Booties

Rag & Bone Newbury Booties

_8076455 03822_BK5229



  • Wear jeans, but wear the right jeans.

Never, ever these:


Or these:


This is what you want:



The reason these Madewell jeans are perfect is that they are dark, understated, and look great while not detracting from the whole outfit.




  • Don’t over-accessorize. You want to look cool and casual, not like you’re emulating a Christmas tree. 
  • Even if you’ve got the body for it, don’t ever, ever wear anything like this:


This is hideous. If you are old enough to have graduated from college, this brand is not for you.

  • Consider a pair of slim-fitting, black ankle pants. That may sound scary, but a pair like this that fits well is surprisingly flattering and versatile.


  • Wear fun kicks. Like these:

pink kicks1


  • Pile on delicate jewelry. Three chain necklaces at once? Ok. A stack of bangles? Also ok. But see above about not emulating a Christmas tree. 
  • Wear hip glasses. Like these:



These rainbow Alain Mikli frames are mine. Never fail, they inspire compliments.

Most of the time, I am unsure if I am cool enough to wear them.

P.S. Here’s another take on what’s age appropriate.










One More Thing, #17

Last week I posted about striped shirts and included these two with writing on them:

Pim + Larkin Tres Bien Sweatshirt @ Piperlime

Pim + Larkin Tres Bien Sweatshirt @ Piperlime

Pim + Larkin Ciao Sweater @ Piperlime

Pim + Larkin Ciao Sweater @ Piperlime

And this sweatshirt from Madewell:


But now it’s official: Shirts with foreign phrases seem to be ubiquitous for spring.

Some from Piperlime:

Jetaime youandme bienvenue boheme

Kate Spade’s new additions:

je ne sais quoi Mon amour

Even socks are getting into the act:

ooh la la

Ooh la la.

One More Thing, #16

I mentioned in my last post that I was shopping at Madewell last weekend.

If you recall, one of my numerous New Year’s Resolutions was to stop online shopping.

So, one month in, how am I doing?


I haven’t clicked “Buy Now” once. My front doorstep is lonely. Fed Ex stock is at an all-time low.

From the start, I gave myself permission to still buy things, but I needed to try them on and purchase them at real retail outlets, not virtual ones.

Besides the striped shirt I posted, I scored another huge bonus at Madewell, this sweatshirt I’ve been coveting but has been sold out online in my size for months:

05812_KS7417_m 05812_KS7417_b