One More Thing, #30

Both of my kids have taken to wearing makeup lately, but the reasons seem to be different.

MGM (now 8) reported that he saw a character use makeup “to disguise himself as a phantom on Scooby Doo,” and now he wants to trick our babysitter.

Spoiler alert: I think she’ll still know it’s you, MGM.

Trixie (6) just loves to borrow anything that’s mine, which is why my lipsticks are all mysteriously smushed into their caps and a David Yurman bracelet went AWOL for over a year.

In general, I’m fine with all of this as long as it doesn’t negatively impact me.

But I was distressed to discover a brand new makeup brush that had been thoroughly destroyed by one dual kid session:


The bristles used to be completely white, people.

I underestimated the saturation of the residual blush and when I went to put my own makeup on, I ended up looking something like this:


I lamented the outcome to our babysitter and she was sweet enough to surprise my by cleaning the brush back to snowy perfection with some mild soap and warm water. Merci!

P.S. Made me laugh:





Limited Edition – Bobbi Brown Girl Rising

I’ve been posting a lot of Bobbi Brown lately, but that’s because she keeps bringing out great new products.

This is right up my alley:


All images from Bobbi Brown’s website


This is the limited edition Pretty Powerful Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks.

From the website:

Pretty with a purpose—introducing Bobbi’s best-selling, multi-tasking lip and cheek formula in limited edition Pretty Powerful Pink. As part of our Pretty Powerful Campaign, we’ll donate 100% of the $27 purchase price to the Girl Rising Fund.

Girl Rising is a campaign to help educate girls around the world and break the cycle of poverty. Have you seen their moving documentary?

Also new from Bobbi Brown are these pretty Cheek Palettes in Pink, Calypso and Berry.

bb_prod_ecrm02_290x315_0 bb_prod_ecrm01_290x315_0 bb_prod_ecrm03_290x315_0


It’s hard to decide which one is the prettiest.

Each contains a neutral shade, a bright and a sparkly highlighter.

These make me wish for spring!

Makeup Class with Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown just launched a series of cool online makeup lessons, including the Secret to Perfect Skin, a Makeup Fact Lift and Smokey Eyes.

Some are video tutorials and others are step-by-step visuals.

Find them here.

P.S. Her awesome face touch-up palette is now available for $48 and comes in 14 shades for a perfect match. This kit contains a Corrector, Concealer, Foundation and Pressed Powder. It’s an all-in-one that’s super useful. I suggest buying one for home and one for travel or your gym bag.


Photo from Bobbi Brown Cosmetics


Charlotte Tilbury Cosmetics

Lately I’ve just felt like I want to throw out all of my cosmetics and start fresh.

Here’s why:


This jumble represents most of what I currently own, but there’s another drawer full of random freebies, missteps and cast-offs that I can’t bear to show.

I grabbed an old lipstick last week and had it on before I realized it smelled bad. Further inspection determined that it was probably waaaay past its expiration date. Ick.

BTW, here’s how you know how long something is good after it’s opened. The first one is 12 months and the second is 24.


I think the lipstick I was referring to above was from approximately 1998. Double eww.

Right now I have my eye on the new cosmetics line from British make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury. 

While I love the idea of having just a few, perfect items, I am perpetually attracted to the next new thing, particularly when there is some faint promise (wishful thinking?) of gorgeousness in the deal.

Here’s what captured my attention.


This pretty lipstick is called “Bitch Perfect.” “Coachella Coral” also received high praise for flattering many different complexions.


Lipgloss! I can’t get enough, which is one of my many problems. This is “Portobello Girl.”


The blush has two colors, the outer for the cheekbones and the center for a pop of color. It’s appropriately titled Cheek to Chic Swish and Pop blush. This color is “Love is the Drug.”


Emerald eyeshadow pencil.


Skin perfecting powder, which I find myself increasingly attracted to given my advancing age. Sigh.


And if you really want to start from scratch, you can get a curated look all at once. 

Getting Ready at the Gym

Have you ever decided not to work out because it would take too much effort on the back end to get ready all over again?

There are definitely women at my gym who show up with a wheeled bag containing a seemingly endless supply of grooming agents, as well as those who don’t even bother to shower on the way out the door.

Me? While I don’t revel in looking like a schlump, I also definitely don’t travel with a curling iron and lighted vanity mirror.

Over time, I’ve also figured out a few tricks to getting ready lickety-split.

Step 1 is to always be prepared. Be ready to work out. Have your bag packed, and not just with workout clothes. I always keep two small cases inside my gym bag at all times. The first one contains shower basics: face wash (this one, always), shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. Here’s where my abundant stash of hotel toiletries comes in handy. Sample packets of skin products that I score from beauty counters and this great five-in-one hair treatment round it out. If you can stomach it, combined shampoo and conditioner products cut shower time down even further.

The second bag is for makeup. I don’t duplicate all of my favorites, but I stock it with enough to get by, and almost everything does double or triple duty. This Bobbi Brown concealer kit is a great multitasker because it also contains pressed powder:


I also keep a foundation stick and an eyeshadow stick (this one, a really pretty color), blush (this one also works on the lips) and mascara. Occasionally I’ll toss in something that I got for free from a beauty gift with purchase, particularly if, say, there’s a palette whose colors are ok enough not to have been immediately tossed but not quite A List material. The small brushes that come along with gifts with purchase are also perfect for this kit.

Step 2 is where I really make great time. Once out of the shower, I quickly get dressed, put on my five-in-one hair treatment and wrap my hair in a towel while I do my makeup, which takes only two or three minutes. And then I use two blowdryers, one in each hand, to roughly dry my hair about 90 percent of the way. The efficiency of this is amazing! This takes less than 5 minutes, and then I can spend a few more minutes with a paddle brush to smooth the top out.

What is even more efficient is to use one of these, if your gym is so equipped:


Yep, it’s an old-school hand dryer. Spin the nozzle upward and two drying cycles will get your hair 90 percent dry.

[If it doesn’t seem worth it to wash your hair at all, then this genius dry shampoo and a blow dryer will actually work really well, too. And no one will know the difference].

Step 3 is a bonus, because it involves pre-workout prep. You can use your workout time to your beauty advantage by applying deep conditioner to your hair before you exercise (slather on, pull hair back into a headband or ponytail holder, then let the heat do its thing), or by generously coating your feet with moisturizer beforehand. Gym socks absorb the excess quite well. I wouldn’t recommend going so far as to apply a facial mask. Keep some mystery about yourself, please.


The last tip I have isn’t about getting ready, but it has come in handy many times after some super sweat sessions. If your gym clothes are truly soaking wet and the thought of stuffing them back into your gym bag is less than appealing, toss them in the swimsuit centrifuge and let them spin. This works really well.

With the right tools and a plan, you can go from treadmill to office in fifteen minutes, trust me.

Beauty Tips from Goop

Ok, another shameful confession: I really like Gwyneth Paltrow’s much-maligned website, Goop.

Even worse: Recently I received a monogrammed Clare Vivier (now branded Clare V.) pouch from Goop’s retail section.

It was exquisitely packaged and included a “Thank you” card with helpful makeup tips printed on the back.

Two caught my attention:

  • Avoid using any powder under the eye area as this is incredibly aging.
  • Swap your black mascara for a dark brown as it’s softer, warmer and more forgiving.

The rest aren’t worth posting, but these two really speak to issues that are becoming of increasing concern in my life.