Personalized Gift Wrap

I love these cool personalized wrapping papers from Minted. 



There are more than 100 styles available at a cost of $15 for 5 sheets.

I could see these being used to elevate wrapped gifts to the next level (Wouldn’t grandparents would go nuts to get a hand-made kid gift wrapped in these?), but the papers are also so unique that they could be the gift.

Talk about something most people would not buy for themselves.



Monogrammed Clogs

I went gaga for these monogrammed clogs.

You can even design your own style from choosing the upper color to heel height, plus the monogram script and thread color.


I’m partial to chocolate nubuck with Tiffany blue thread, similar to what’s above, but the possibilities are almost endless.

Designing your pair runs about $130. This site also sells a huge variety of other monogrammed items, and I went way down the rabbit hole checking it out.