Oribe Cote d’Azur

Yesterday I spent some quality time at my hair salon.

Correction: Salons.

The awesome place I have been using for the past two years just opened a second location and – Sophie’s Choice! – my colorist stayed at Location 1 and my stylist went to Location 2.

The logical solution to that dilemma is that I patronize both salons, traveling to #1 for color and then having a staggered appointment later the same day at #2 for cutting.

When I checked in to #2, I noticed a slew of new products on offer for the holidays, including two new fragrances.

Two dozen sprays later, I was obsessed with Cote d’Azur perfume.


Basically this is a condensed version of the scent of Oribe hair products, and it’s fresh and awesome. (I know that is a terrible way to describe the fragrance notes in a perfume, but the official listing includes bergamot, jasmine and sandalwood).

But wait! There’s also a hair refresher spray, which is designed to refresh hair, neutralize odors and cut static. Ok, I need this. Perfect for the gym.


I’d also love to get this travel set that includes a mini version of multiple Oribe products:



Oribe is a cult brand that can be hard to track down, but consider checking it out.