Masterpiece on Canvas

Trixie¬†received an acrylic paint set from a school friend for her fifth birthday back in February, and she’s been chomping at the bit to use it.

The kit is something like this.

canvas art set

All I could see were acrylic paints waiting to be spilled on the carpet, sofa and just about anywhere else they shouldn’t be at Fancy Pants Ranch, so I made excuse after excuse¬†to put off creating her masterpiece.

(Sample excuses: “These paints won’t work well when it’s cold,” “It needs to be daytime to work on this, not night,” “These paints are smelly and we need to wait until we can open the windows.”)

Except, last weekend I ran out of excuses.

We’d already been on an arts and crafts bender, making a homemade dollhouse on Saturday.

When Sunday rolled around, it was go time.

I reluctantly took the kit out of its hiding place and set up a paper-covered art zone for her to work on her creation.

I had to help her get the paints open and onto a makeshift palette, but she did the rest.


Here’s the finished product, two dogs on a sunny day.


I admire her bold use of color and abstract interpretation of both dogs and clouds.

P.S. This didn’t turn out to be a mess at all! So much worrying for nothing. But I still won’t be bringing acrylic paints home any time soon.