Winter Boots

To say that I wasn’t prepared for the weather to jump from Halloween to mid-January conditions this week is an understatement.


First, I cartoonishly skidded along our (short) driveway to retrieve the mail, barely maintaining equilibrium.


More elegant than I am.

Despite 25 years of driving experience, I also spun out while driving down our hill.


Not quite me, but you get my drift (Pun! Ha).

But the most egregious offense was not having boots for my kids.

I’d ordered winter coats, snowpants and new mittens back in August, but somehow I neglected to put boots on that list.

On Snowmageddon Day 1, the kids merrily trounced off to school with all requisite winter gear, save boots.

Trixie (5) told me she had to wear a cast-off pair of boots from the school’s lost and found pile at recess, which just made me feel like the horrible parent that I am.

I couldn’t bear to ask MGM (7) what he wore, but I imagine something like this:


What you get when you Google “weird boots”

That night, I vowed to take them shopping for proper boots.

Except … I forgot that I had an appointment after work for eyebrow waxing. And a facial. God forbid I miss my beauty treatments!

I remembered the Boots Issue on my way home, approximately five minutes before the only kids’ shoe store in our town closed for the night.

I’m not sure what the salesperson thought when I rushed in there, face blotchy from the facial and hair askew, sweating and shouting, “I need boots now!”

To her amazing credit, she pulled two pairs from the back in the sizes that I needed.

(By “needed,” I mean totally guessed).

And I lucked out, because I brought them home and they fit like a charm.

Here’s what we got. Both are from Kamik.


Score one for the Mother of the Year!



Tooth Fairy Fail



My BFF T. texted me last week that her daughter was devastated to wake up and find that the Tooth Fairy had not come during the night to collect her tooth.

Or leave cash.

I immediately texted back that I’d already been there, done that.

My solution for my Tooth Fairy fail was to have my son (then 6) discover a note after school that had been left in the guest room by the Tooth Fairy, saying that she couldn’t figure out which bedroom was his and that she’d try again the next night. 

And of course, that night I set my alarm for 2 AM and blearily exchanged the tooth for 10 quarters, which is the going rate at Fancy Pants Ranch.

Paranoia for a second failure usually now keeps me remembering to set that alarm when a tooth comes out.

I also keep a steady supply of quarters on hand so that I’m not scrounging between the sofa cushions.

For more organized parents, there are a lot of cute printable tooth receipts available online.


If shelling out cash isn’t your thing, here are 10 other Tooth Fairy gift ideas.

This tooth pillow from Etsy is also totally adorable.

If all else fails, try this excuse:


This made me laugh out loud!